May 12, 2017

Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go to Amsterdam!

Selumrahnya bila kita deal dengan manusia (bukan lembu atau cipan), kita akan berjumpa dengan manusia yang sentiasa akan cakap buruk pasal manusia yang lain.

These people will always think that they are overly zenith compared to the others.

That they will always be right, although it is impossible for us to be right all the time, unless you are freakin' Joan Rivers (may her soul rest in peace)

That they will always stand higher than everyone else.

And that they will definitely go to heaven...


In most of the time, I will avoid brushing my shoulders with these breeds.

Why the because?

Sebab it is so not impossible that they will too talk bad about you behind your back.

See the logic?

Tu jer aku nak gebang.

Selamat berhujung minggu kengkawan!

AKUBUKANSUPERMAN: Minggu ni nak try nonton wayang kat MBO Kecil kat Uptown Damansara. Nanti aku gebangkan story tu in my next entry.

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