June 3, 2015

Loafer, style and tips for men

Lama dah tak bersiaran *libas-libas sawang lelabah*

Recently aku berpindah ke Johor dan kerja baru aku tak memerlukan aku untuk berpakaian formal. Being a person with LOTS of formal shoes, I need to be creative atau dalam bahasa Rais Yatim, berfikir diluar kotak untuk kekalkan kekasuts aku tu.

Takkan nak buang uols!

Of all the shoes I have (and loved unconditionally), loafers are my favorite. And the best thing is, I can wear them in almost every occasion, formal or non-formal.

Tak cayer? This is how.

Rapatkan saf!

If you are getting bored wearing those classic leather shoes to work, why not opt for Wak Doyok’s look and wear something trendier like a pair of loafers instead. Walk in the office with your formal attire and those stylish loafers feeling oh so confident all day long. However, stay away from the colorful loafers if you are working in a professional setting. Choose colors of black and brown for that fashionable yet professional look. You can roll up your trousers or let it down as usual depending on your style. Paling best, korang tak payah pakai stoking sebab loafer and socks are a big NO NO. Yeay for socks-hater like me!

The smart casual look
Untuk hujung minggu pulak, while shopping for used furnitures in Sungai Rengit, switch those sandals with loafers and you’ll ended looking like million without trying too hard. Match your Bermuda shorts with a pair from the wide range of men loafer shoe collection for a special date, party invites during the day or running errands with the utmost level of fashion sense.

The boyish look
For the men who prefer a low profile appearance, without totally missing from the scene like Andre Amir, match those stylish loafers with a nice pair of jeans. You can roll up the jeans to show some skins. Ingat, jangan pakai stoking. And you can go Gaga with those colorful loafers. The sky the limit.

AKUBUKANSUPERMAN: Minggu depan cerita pasal jam tangan plak. Picture source: Google.

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