September 25, 2014

Orang hensem naik basikal jumpa wife dalam jem

Entry lepas aku ada ceritakan pasal 3S dalam pemilihan route berbasikal dalam city yang selamat dan hensem. So berikut adalah perincian 3S tu...

Rapatkan saf!!!

Atau dalam bahasa Rais Yatim; selamat. Check Google Map untuk laluan pintas, jalan 'belakang', jalan perumahan yang tak ada Chihuahua, jalan yang bukan highway dan yang sewaktu dengannya. Selamat itu penting!

Especially untuk penunggang wanita (dan lelaki juga), yang memilih untuk ikut jalan-jalan belakang yang sunyi, gelap, menakutkan dan ada Chihuahua. Kata nak turun keje, alih-alih jadi hal lain plak. Kak Ton tanak tanggung.

Kenapa sesak? Kenapa bukan jalan yang tak banyak kereta? Well, jalan yang tak banyak kereta biasanya keretanya laju-laju belaka. Speeding cars are very dangerous to bikers. So pilih la jalan yang sesak, where you can selit-menyelit between kereta-kereta yang sangkut dalam jem. Mana la tau kot-kot terjumpa future wife dalam jem tu... 

Sebagai contoh aku kata...

Aku dah kawin...

Jumpa wife aku dalam ladang...

Jeng jeng jeng...

September 23, 2014

Urban cycling

I've been riding to work for quite sometime now. Apart from a sweaty morning, I managed to cut some cost and get beautiful pair of legs.


Riding a bike in a city may not be everyone's cup of tea, but with a little preparation and a dash of guts, one can conquer the traffic like they were born for it.

I'm no pro but these are my two-cents tips on how to ride safely in the city.

Check you ride
You ought to check your tyres and brakes. No explanation needed. Safety first and always!

Be there and be seen
Wear bright colored attire. Fluorescence colored vests are great and any number from Richard Simmons's wardrobe can be considered too. And despite the bright happy attire, bike light is a must although you are riding in a bright day light. But be very minimal in choosing your front and rear lights. Otherwise you'll ended like a parade floats!!!

Study the map
Its good to know your way around the city. Google have provide us with a great map and not to mention its effing free! My tips for a great riding route; Safe, secure dan sesak. I'll describe more on this in my next entry.

Know where to park
Park your bike somewhere safe and don't forget to have it locked properly. Its good to have at least 2 locks for your bike. But if you are lucky enough to work in a bike-friendly office, where you are allowed to park your bike indoor, praise the lord and please give me a call.

Know the hand gestures
Study the hand signals and gestures for bikers. These are important as you need to inform the other road users on your where-to's. Don't waste your money on the left-right-turn signal lights, which are VERY popular on Ebay. Its insignificant and other road users will not be able to differentiate the turning signals from the rear lights anyway.

Find your zen
Finally before you ride, ask yourself these questions. How big are the cars? How fast are they going? Am I brave enough? Will I shout like a girl if I were being chased by a Chihuahua? Get these questions answered and you'll find your inner zen. Its good to worry, but knowing what worries you will help you to prepare for a more confident ride.

Happy riding!!!

* Credit to Google images.

September 3, 2014

I am teacher (not)

Him: Hi bro. Been seeing you riding your bike to work. Coolness.

Me: Thanks. Trying my best to cut some expenditure, plus the traffic is crazy here. Getting older by the minute in the gridlock you see.

Him: You work in ISKL right? (International School of Kuala Lumpur)

Me: Eh? *garu kepala yang tak gatal. Biceps melimpah dari lengan baju*

Him: Saw you going toward that direction. I bet you teach there. So what subject are you teaching?

Me: Err... swimming.

AKUBUKANSUPERMAN: Bersiaran kembali! Rugi orang dah sponsor domain kalau tak post entry bertubi-tubi...
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