October 9, 2012

What is wrong with us?

Dear diary,

I was at KL Convex the other day when I saw a dude carrying loads of shopping bag, struggling his way through a glass door. I was surprised to realize not one of the by-passers came forward and helped him. I decided, since I was there, helped him with the door.

To my surprise, he just walked away. No smile or nod that suggest a word of thank you.

Perhaps he's in a hurry and I am just somebody who happen to be there.

Yesterday at the Sentral, I saw a girl having problems with the check-out door. She touched the coin to the touch pad but the automatic door didn't opened. The line behind her was getting longer. I told her to insert the coin into the coin slot. She did, and walked away. Leaving me there, awed and dumb.

This morning at the parking lot, I alerted a rushed girl who parked her car with lights still on. "Excuse me miss. Your lights." I said as I pointed to her car. She looked at me as if she's saying, "I am so gonna be late for this."

And you can basically guess. No thank you from her too.

What is wrong with our society anyway?

Have we forgot about our roots?

Have we forgot about being polite and such?

Or maybe we are too 'cultured' that we substitute smiles and nods of gratefulness with smirk and rolling eyes?

This is atrociously sad.

We are no longer us.

If this is what we call urban and modernity, I might as well refuse it.

I rather be in kampung where everyone is someone's friend.

Yours truly,

4 ulasan:

oshinz said...

eeee.. tak suka tolong orang yang sombong tak reti berterima kasih macam tu. kalau berat sangat nak cakap terima kasih, just smile pun ok kan?

W. Hidney said...

oshinz... tu la pasal

khairul anwar said...

can i share this on the fb & twitter?

W. Hidney said...

khairul... please do. that would be nice. Thanks

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