December 22, 2011

Dd the funny

Look who I found in Lawas?


She's Diana a.k.a Miss Brown who teaches English in some school in Kunak whom I known as Dd during my study in UiTM years ago.

Who knew after all these years, I will see her again here in Lawas. The first few words that jumped out of our mouths were, "Hey look at you!!!"


She might be reading this, so I'm gonna continue to write in English.

Hang in there ya. I'll be back with my rojak penning in my next writes.

Anyway Dd spoke fluent English the last time, and now too. She's an English teacher duhh!!!

I use to wonder how such a little thing can stuff so much English in one sentence and that actually make her look cool. So one day, in my desperation to look as cool, I tried to communicate in English with her and I ended of saying INS.TERES.TINGS instead of INTERESTING.

Of course being Dd, she laughed just to add to the insults.

Owh did I told you she is a bad bad girl too? *read: naughty*


I love you Dd.

AKUBUKANSUPERMAN: Come and marry me already lah!

3 ulasan:

Nadia Diana said...

Babeness, I love your blog. Love it. Love it! LOVE IT! Kisses! Kisses! Kisses!!!

Nadia Diana said...

I want more! I want more!

W. Hidney said...

dd... haha let us meet in kunak sometime n there will be more story about u hehehe

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