August 11, 2011

500 and going strong

I know what you might think. That this is just another excuse for me to write a lame entry, but I believe it is a damn good excuse to do so.

I have posted my 500 entry ya'll!!!

I know 500 is puny, comparing to the other well-seasoned well-followed bloggers out there. But considering I am a kind of person who will always stop midways, 500 is a good number.

Well, I am looking forward for the next 500.

I Hope you guys too...

AKUBUKANSUPERMAN: Reminiscing my first entry...

4 ulasan:

Shayraa said...

yay! *buat ombak*
keep on writing. hari2 lagi seronok. hehe :)

achik ezam said...

pe kata semoena entry ke 500 ni buata mkn2 kt uma.dengor citer pandai masak.

*eh tetiber

FaizalSulaiman said...

yay!! posing shin chan!!!

keep writing bro.kami baca!

W. Hidney said...

shayraa... hari2 takut org bosan plak hehehe

achik... pandai masak? oh tidak!!!

faizal... yeay *posing otromen

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