June 22, 2010

Of me and books

Books have always been part of my life, well actually part of my recent 10 years of life. I started to like the idea of reading when I was 19. Initially it was just a show-off. Duhh… I’m not the only one mind you.

Anyway, there was this boy in my class. He was hip, he was popular and he read a lot. I was so intimidated by him that one day I have decided to bring some of my dad’s books to the class in hope for the same attention he got from everyone. Well of course the pretentiousness prevailed as I know nuts about the books that I smuggled. But deep inside, I know I wanted to be like him.

A few short years later, when the internet came and invaded our shores, I met some online friends and one of them was Madam Lim; a young self-thought home-maker wife who lived in Labuan back then. We chatted and eventually we bonded.

The one thing that intrigued me the most about Madam Lim was her passion for books. She has shelved books of various titles in her private library. I repeat PRIVATE LIBRARY. I told her about the hip and popular boy in my class and she basically worked her magic around that. She gave me books, interesting books, and the rest they say is history.

I might not be as hip and popular as I thought I would be, but I am glad my books have made me a little wiser.

AKUBUKANSUPERMAN: Its been a while since I speaking London eih?

2 ulasan:

jejaka anggun said...

what kinda book that makes us look wiser? ;p

W. Hidney said...

shaz... definitely not porn flick wawawa

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