June 23, 2010

Of foggy Gua Musang and being demam

Everyone was looking out for me. “Where is this Hidney? Why is he not in the office today?”

Actually I was away from the office as I was fighting with fever and runny nose. For those two solid days, I was the Rudolph, with red nose and everything.

Not cute. Not cute at all!

It’s been raining like cats and dogs in Gua Musang for the past few days you see and the weather was harsh. The morning was foggy-freezing cold and and afternoon, well, not much of a different, except for less fog. You think I am bluffing one? See it for yourself!

There were times, you know, when you are sick, you will crave for everything. I mean absolutely everything. All of sudden I crave for a juicy mango even when I am not a big fan myself. Call me diva, but my maid actually got one for me while I was busy taking my own pictures, hoping that everyone would actually believe that someone was nice enough to take a picture or two of me resting helplessly (?) on the couch!


AKUBUKANSUPERMAN: Can someone please hug me? Pleaseeee….

9 ulasan:

Boy said...

hehe kesiannye

Edy Ramanov said...

can i hug u hidmey? huhuhu. demam dh baik ker?
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iyllienaz said...

haha..get well soon..

W. Hidney said...

Boy... Kesian jer? Huhuhu

Edy... Dah elok dah hehe

Illie... Thanks dear

Boy said...

kesian je cukup.. xleh peluk bukan muhrim.. hahahaha

W. Hidney said...

boy... baiklah

-cD- said...

Ermmm mamam bubur ayam mekdi n panadol soluble.

pelok pelok pelok... bantal sudah..

jejaka anggun said...

xder musang berjanggut yg hug u ker kat gua musang tuh yang?

W. Hidney said...

ucuk... hahaha cadangan yang sangat bagus

shaz... huhu semua musang kat sini shy2

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