May 10, 2010

Beef spaghetti

As a young, devoted, down-to-earth and not to mention quite a good looking bachelor (ok you can puke now), I appreciate a simple yummy cook that doesn’t require me to literally sleep in the kitchen such as this one; beef spaghetti Hidney style. These are the methods.

First you need some spaghetti, some corned beef and some tomato ketchup. Alternatively you can use minced beef and tomato puree. It’s your choice.

In a medium sized pan, boil the spaghetti with lotsa salts. Why salts? Why not sugar? The salts will speed up the boiling process and the sugar will only make you look stupid. That’s why.

Moving on…

To make the beef sauce, heat up the corned beef in a lightly oiled wok. Not too long though as the beef is already precooked. Perhaps if you have the time, you may throw in some beef bacons, chopped sausages or button mushrooms at this point. Use your imagination.

As the beef is cooking, pour in the tomato ketchup and turn off the gas straight away. Ketchup contains sugar so do not over-cook unless you want your sauce toffee-d!

Finally in the same wok, stir in the already cooked spaghetti and you’re good to go.

Told ya it's simple.


6 ulasan:

jejaka anggun said...

Wow!! Chef diva!!

k.A said...

nampak sedap

Pepper said...

Hahaha, I used to cook pasta exactly the way you did it. Using the same pasta and corned beef.

W. Hidney said...

shaz... haha chef yes. diva NO

ka... mmg sedap hehe

lyna... really? haha same head ah

Azura Iznil said...

Mari..masak untuk akak!

W. Hidney said...

kak zura... haha boleh jer. dgn gembiranya reel akan masak utk akak. tapi jgn komen kalau tak sedap

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