April 26, 2010

Of phone numbers and strangers

I was scrolling through my phone yesterday and was stricken by the phone numbers that I can hardly remember. I don’t meet that many people but where did all these numbers came from?

The fact that I’m good with numbers doesn’t help me much in remembering the faces behind those phone numbers. Assertive and determined, I decided to call those numbers and to my surprise most of them are just total strangers. People tend to change their phone numbers- I know some of us change their numbers like changing clothes (not mentioning who), leaving me with rootless alienated people who seemed to be equally annoyed upon answering their phone to a total stranger.

Suddenly I felt abandoned... neglected…

But I’m still fabulously alive am I not?

Oh yeah!

I’MNOSUPERMAN: Tak faham kenapa ada orang yang simpan sampai 4 nombor telefon

3 ulasan:

jejaka anggun said...

ever thought where did u get those mysterious numbers at the first place?

chatting? or copying fr toilets wall perhaps?

-cD- said...

hahaha, teringat perbualan kita kelmarin..

maybe ianya adalah satu hobi baru.. lagi banayk no lagi hebat..

W. Hidney said...

shaz... amboi terus buat speku la ek? haha *kantoi

ucuk... hobi kumpul no telefon? berbaloi ker?

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