February 14, 2010

Travel-maker vs trouble-maker

The last thing I have in mind is to receive more Indian workers after having one very ugly history with the previous batch. Life is certainly unfair as three came in this morning.

Acted cool, I briefed them on my 'work-culture' and stuff. Bukannya apa. Pekerja-pekerja baru ni kena diajar betul-betul. Kalau tak diorang ni naik minyak. Haaa time tu la tangan aku ni gatal nak naik ke muka diorang. Kejam tak aku?

Anyway, I was saying, "Don't even think of creating any problem around here. We have enough trouble and we don't keep trouble makers. Do you understand me? Do you know what is trouble maker?"

"In india sir?" One of them answered. I nodded briefly, thinking that he will provide me with a translation in their mother tongue. "Prathap Kumar sir."

"Who's he? What he do?" I said while giving him my most confused look.

"He is a trouble maker sir. You give him money and he will bring you to beautiful place like Agra and see Taj Mahal."

I'MNOSUPERMAN: Oh goodie. Now they send me a smart-ass that thinks a trouble maker can bring me around the world and see nice places. Who's next? A pianist?

9 ulasan:

jejaka anggun said...

oh geez. u made me laugh. finally.

W. Hidney said...

JA... yup finally haha. glad u like it

fndrocka said...

nasib dia tak kata.."apa..sudah tukar ka?"

farah said...

wawawawa..... ni gambar??? huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuh

norfaridahanum said...

HAHAHA!i feel u.
mula2 i datang sini,i found that was hilarious. then came the moment yang rasa nak sepak ok. tp sekarang, redha je.nk wat camne, memang lidah diorang belit lain.telinga pun tune lain.
selamat berjaya menajdi bos yang cemerlang!

W. Hidney said...

fndrocka... LOL right

farah... sabar yer nenek

norfaridahanum... hahaha thanks

||| PöJìé PööH ||| said...

that's funny dowh!!

btw i'm dropping by to say hi since i noticed u have no chatbox in here..
but i love ur layout, simple, smart n cool!!

W. Hidney said...

pojie... thanks for stopping by. do come again

Anonymous said...

we met in kelantan b4?

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