December 26, 2009

The Queer Eye for Straight Guy

Knowing is power. To not know is almost definitely and probably the other way round. To have that power, we have to ask question. But most guys- me included, resist themselves (ourselves?) from asking questions thus resorting to something that we do best; PRETENTIOUSNESS. Bliss?

Having said that, guys’ posses a MINI knowledge on how to dress well, eat well, live well or even dance well as those subjects may sound too queer-ish to ask, and risking our macho-ness is definitely less than smart move, so to speak lah. At the end of the day, mister-know-it-all will show in a t-shirt that shouts U.G.L.I.N.E.S.S to a ‘Black-tie-optional dinner.’

Black-tie-optional? What the hell is that?

Now, back in 2002, 5 fabulously queer guys came into the picture; invading the life of the straights, tousling their hair while extinguishing their Mickey Mouse undies. Mission? To create a new breed of straight guy which they simply call the Metros. David Beckham anyone?

After a much proclaimed and successful TV show, the book version of the Queer Eye for Straight Guy was published, helping guys who are too shy to watch the show with their other straight buddy.

And of course I watched the show, mind you.

The book rede a chaptered essence of becoming a more appealing guy in the eye of girls (and other non-straight guys too), imparting the knowledge of food & wine, grooming, decorating, fashion and culture. There's rather a lot to cover, of course. But these 5 topics basically will sum it all up, even though it isn't really. It couldn't be, but with luck by the time we finish, it may feel as if it is.

I’MNOSUPERMAN: Black-tie-optional?

9 ulasan:

Alan said...

Erm.. I think I've watch it up to 3rd season ;-)

Ejay said...

how much it cost?

W. Hidney said...

alan... good for you

ejay... tak ingat dah. dah lama beli, tapi baru khatam hehehe

k.e.r.i. said...

sekarang dah tak tayang kan?
@ aku yang dah lama tak tengok tv?



kamek ada book yang sama. i bought mine years ago for less than 50 bucks jak.

farish H said...

wajib bce nih!

W. Hidney said...

keri... rasanya u yg tak tengok tv lama kot hahaha. dah tak tayang dah siri ni. tengok kat youtube jer

shah... good for you :)

farish... sangat wajib!

Sarawakianboy said...

Oh man, I like this QE4SG ni, sekarang tak tau apa jadi dengan QE4SG ni? :?

W. Hidney said...

sarawakianboy... entah le. rasanya ada lagi kot. cuba check kat utube

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