October 22, 2009

I hate this. Period!

I’ve been trying to play dilly-dally for quite sometime now but eventually I have to drag myself into it; boxing my gizmos and gubbins as my last day is just round the corner. Unlike my fellow transferring colleagues before me, they will have an army of personnel from the freight company to help them packing things up and the cost will be borne by the company. But in my case, I have to do it myself and yes, the cost is on me. That’s the ugly fact that I have to embrace for my resignation. Kopak pokcik!

Over the years I’ve been collecting stuff which some of them are somewhat unspecified and senseless. Some of them are left idling around as I don’t have a good grasp on their logical usage after I actually bought them. Who needs a wine opener when you don’t have wine?

Due to limited space, I have to let go some of the stuff. And yeah, letting go is not my forte. I tend to hold back and poking myself with stupid questions which will then magnified my hesitations. What if I might need this in the future? What if this? What if that? And that my friend will lead to hours and hours of wasted time due to supernumerary deliberations.

And to make it worst, I have decided to sell some of the stuff away to friends and colleagues, which, was a much simpler choice to make some 4 weeks ago. It’s like selling my own mother to a stranger, well literally…

Anyway, hard decisions have been made. I need to do what I have to do. Fancy a wine opener? Anyone?

I’MNOSUPERMAN: Give me a shopping cart and the next thing you know, I bought the whole shopping mall.

3 ulasan:

Anonymous said...

I am only interested in buying the whole content of a shopping mall .. not the building ...

k.e.r.i. said...

aku pun sama.
aku simpan semua benda yang aku ada/dapat/beli selama 3 tahun aku belajar kat melaka.
after 3 years, aku packing semua barang-barang tu then bawak balik rumah.
berkotak-kotak weh.

W. Hidney said...

anonymous... baiklah

keri... tak larat bro nak angkut semua. melaka ke kl boleh lagi. kalau sarawak ke semenanjung susah sikit

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