August 31, 2009

Its home...

No matter where I go,
There always be,
A very special place that calls out to me,
No matter what I do,
There always be,
A place that I can call my home.

Its different taste of life and colours,
That goes straight to my heart my soul like no other,
It’s sometime witty,

But it's safe and warm,
That no one else can change,
It will always be the same.

It’s Malaysia,
Its grass is greener,
Its land is fertile,
All the smiles are sweeter and true,
Its paradise,
Its home…

I’MNOSUPERMAN: Happy Independence Day…

5 ulasan:

kin said...

yup...Rumahku Syurgaku...
Selamat Hari Merdeka Ke 52 Reel ;)

W. Hidney said...

kak kin... selamat hari merdeka jugak utk u

Lang Legar said...

Salam merdeka..
may what we build today will help us to carry forward, God's willing..

Ejay said...


W. Hidney said...

lang legar... amin. yg penting kerjasama!

ejay... salam merdeka to you too. raise the flag!

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