July 31, 2009

It's not the end

Some say its fate, but I’ll say its life. Life is not fair. Not to you, not to me, not to all of us.

Some say its wrong timing, but I’ll say its wrong decision making. Don’t take your chances next time. Obey the rule as much as you can. I am reminding myself too.

Some say its bad luck, but I’ll say it’s not your time. Start all over again and improve yourself as you go.

Some say its you, but I’ll say it’s every one of us. We inspire others and they can inspire us too; in a good or bad way.

Don’t listen to what people say. It’s now or never. I'll stand by your side. It’s not my choice, it’s my responsibility.

I'MNOSUPERMAN: Just be strong baby. We'll do this together.

5 ulasan:

Rush Murad said...

love this piece....nanti i nak cilok ekkk.... inspiring!

W. Hidney said...

rush... cilok? hehe ok jer. thanks anyway. i am flattered

eQbalzack said...

gud decision...abg eq sokong dr belakang...hehe

aBByLiCioUs said...

Tis post...I may say....U CAN READ MY MIND!!!!!!! I love this post!!! Woooooooo! you rawk!!

W. Hidney said...

abby... thanks abby

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