May 25, 2009

Ok bah... Aku di Sabah!!!

It’s been ages since my last visit to Kota Kinabalu and I was surprised to see how much the city have changed over the years. I was in KK last week and it was fun fun fun. I wish I could stay a little bit longer though. The experiences were electrifying, the foods were glorious and the people are simply gorgeous. The local dialects? It’s like music to my ear. Try to pout your lips while curling your hair and say SETUMPUK or MANUK. Arghh sexay!!!

Did I mention fun?

These are some of the pictures that I’ve taken during my stay. Abby, wish you were there. Enjoice!!!


5 ulasan:

Abdul Wafi said...

amboi bah, kau asik makan saja di sana bah,'

mari la ke johor pulak.

A.R.A.S.H. 910 said...

bagus bah!!! hahaha =)

W. Hidney said...

wafi... johor? molek benar cadangan tu

arash... bagus kan?

Azura Iznil said...

Waduh....seronok aje ye kamu. Huk jeles.!

W. Hidney said...

hehehe takyah jeles la kak zura

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