February 27, 2009

How to cook my Meggi

“The best way to capture one man’s heart is through his stomach”

that’s what I’ve told and I couldn’t agree more. So to all you good people out there, I took my Meggi seriously and this is how I make it; just in case you wanted to capture my err stomach LOL!!!

First thing first, here are the ingredients.

1. Two packets of Meggi mee, preferably chicken flavour.
2. Two eggs. I always have two in my Meggi. Don’t ask me why.
3. Some cooking oil.
4. Some H²O. In case you have no idea, its water.

Now to the methods of cooking it. Please read carefully pumpkin as this is very important. My stomach is in stake here!

In the wok, heat some cooking oil. Then throw in the two eggs to make one sunny-side-up. Once done, take it off of the wok and put it aside. In the remaining sizzling oil, pour in the water and make sure you distance yourself before doing it. You don’t want to kill yourself in the process kan?

Once the water come to a boiling point, in go the Meggi. Not too long though. There’s nothing worst than a soggy mee. Then, put in the seasoning. Now here is the twist. Just put in one of the two packets of the seasoning. Be easy on it as the content will make you bold, old, grumpy and ugly in no time hahaha.

Once its all done, you can serve it in a nice bowl topped with the sunny-side-up which you have made earlier and a kiss on my cheek. That’ll be nice…

I’MNOSUPERMANLAH: Love me love me not...

6 ulasan:

-cD- said...

seb bek intai2 x de megi... huhuhu

eQbalzack said...

lama betui tak makan maggi...hehe

W. Hidney said...

ucuk... tanak la makan megi kat intai2. nak makan udang butter jer hehe

abg eq... jom makan megi. nanti reel masakkan ek

kin said...

maggi??... untung tul sape yg dpt si Hidney ni ...hihi

W. Hidney said...

kin... untung? hehe u bet. masak meggi jer dapat tawan hati i ek?

ctek8 said...

one sunny-side up egg? huhu first time dengar macam ni. selalunya telur mata kerbau je.. slurpppp

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