February 28, 2009

What are the chances of making me a better person in life?

I’ve been asking that question for so many times now, in fact I’ve been asking that question for 6 years (6 FREAKING YEARS!!!) and I think the time is now. I’ll take that chances and for that I shall risk everything that I got now to make that small step for a bigger and wider leap in the future.

I want to be that person who always sees and captures opportunities in every single thing in life. Surely it’s not gonna be a bed full of roses, but that is what life is all about. Hey… it would be fly to be that successful person right?

I’MNOSUPERMANLAH: I saw my potential and I want to utilise it. Now is my chance…

February 27, 2009

How to cook my Meggi

“The best way to capture one man’s heart is through his stomach”

that’s what I’ve told and I couldn’t agree more. So to all you good people out there, I took my Meggi seriously and this is how I make it; just in case you wanted to capture my err stomach LOL!!!

First thing first, here are the ingredients.

1. Two packets of Meggi mee, preferably chicken flavour.
2. Two eggs. I always have two in my Meggi. Don’t ask me why.
3. Some cooking oil.
4. Some H²O. In case you have no idea, its water.

Now to the methods of cooking it. Please read carefully pumpkin as this is very important. My stomach is in stake here!

In the wok, heat some cooking oil. Then throw in the two eggs to make one sunny-side-up. Once done, take it off of the wok and put it aside. In the remaining sizzling oil, pour in the water and make sure you distance yourself before doing it. You don’t want to kill yourself in the process kan?

Once the water come to a boiling point, in go the Meggi. Not too long though. There’s nothing worst than a soggy mee. Then, put in the seasoning. Now here is the twist. Just put in one of the two packets of the seasoning. Be easy on it as the content will make you bold, old, grumpy and ugly in no time hahaha.

Once its all done, you can serve it in a nice bowl topped with the sunny-side-up which you have made earlier and a kiss on my cheek. That’ll be nice…

I’MNOSUPERMANLAH: Love me love me not...

February 24, 2009

If I were a girl

Now that is one catchy rubric isn’t it? Well people… I am not repenting my nature for being a boy or planning to be a girl in the future, but I am just responding to If I Were a Boy by Beyonce. I’ve listened to it over and over again, and that basically inspired me for this entry. So here goes, if I were a girl…

- I shall stop thinking for once that he is having an affair with some other girl
- I shall not feel tragical if he fail to call me before I went to sleep every night
- I shall not feel tragical if he fail to text “good morning baby” to me every single morning
- I shall not feel melancholy if he fail to nickname me over some fruit or food
- I shall not feel miserable if he went for a night-out with his friends
- I shall not worry if he have some 745 more friends than me in his Facebook
- I shall have a clue when he need his space
- I shall give him my uttermost attention without being too clingy
- I shall give him time to explain stuff
- I shall not assume his behaviour cause I should have known him by now
- I shall be able to show him that I love him without even saying it
- I shall be able to provide him with support in time when he needed me the most
- I shall be able to laugh to his jokes
- I shall be able to keep my promises
- I shall put myself first without neglecting his thereness
- I shall believe him if he said that he love me as much as I love him

Cause it hurts to lose someone we love due to our own selfishness. Yeah… if only I were a girl.

I'MNOSUPERMANLAH: But I'm just a boy...

February 22, 2009

Wanna be on top?

Sometime it is rather ungainly thinking that we are not zenith enough to be a leader. Life's equation states that the outstanding and the prominent one will always be the one that leads and the nadir one will trails. But seeing is not always believing... One can still be a leader without being too flashy or jazzy. Eventually others will notice. But being a leader is not always easy. Off days? Leisure moments? Undisturbed sleep? So untruly... Assuagements in life will always come with a very heavy price tag. Take it or leave it! Creapy...

I'MNOSUPERMANLAH: I'm deep and useless. So what? It will not kill you kan? Blah...

February 21, 2009


Sungai yang tenang jangan disangka tiada buaya, Hati yang tenang jangan disangka tidak bahaya...

I'MNOSUPERMANLAHbutdon'tmesswithme: Sekadar renungan...

February 19, 2009

Folder ke-6. Picture ke-6...

• Go to your photos folder in your computer.
• Go to the 6th folder of photos.
• Go to the 6th picture in that folder.
• Put the picture on your blog and description of it.
• Invite six friends to join the challenge.
• Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged.

6th folder tu folder picture estate tau dan picture ke-6 tu ialah…jeng jeng jeng.

Ceritanya cegini. The picture was taken during a field visit by the good people of Total Quality Estate Management or simply TQEM from Kuala Lumpur to my estate last 2 months. I was, like always, the photographer for the whole program… duhhh!

They went into field 13 in my division and interviewed one of my harvesters which happen to be there. Actually kan, I’ve choreographed the whole thing. The place, the people to be ‘accidentally’ interviewed so on and so forth. Aku pun perlu jaga nama jugak bah…

“Tolong aturkan seorang pekerja kita yang boleh menjawab soalan dengan baik dekat field kau bila pelawat tu datang nanti. Aku tak nak dia diam jer masa pelawat tu datang nanti.” Pesan my manager beberapa hari sebelum lawatan tersebut.

And so I’ve spent the whole day choosing a capable worker and trained him to talk well. His name is Nurdin. The result? Nurdin was a superstar. He managed to answer all the questions thrown at him and he even talked about work safety. Damn I was the proudest boss that day.

“Pakcik… Nanti saya belanja rokok iya.” Ujurku kepada Nurdin selepas semua pelawat bersurai.

I’MNOSUPERMANLAH: Work smart works all the time. Believe me...

February 18, 2009

Meet uncle Hidney

Feb 15th, 0145 hrs at Miri’s Columbia Asia Medical Center Hadreeq Hadif was born thus bringing joy to one hopeful mother and a nervous father.

“Hello nice to finally meet you Hadreeq Hadif. I’m Hidney. I don’t eat pineapple…”

I’MNOSUPERMANLAH: At 3.3 kilos, he’s already a poser. Say cheese!!!

February 14, 2009


LOVE... A simple four-letter word. Easy to spell and easy to pronounce. It is a word so common. Maybe a little too common. A word once so meaningful but so used up by people that it doesn't bring out the meaning anymore. Type in LOVE, and google it. THOUSANDS of pictures will appear. Pictures that are so beautiful and sweet. But how much do you know about LOVE?

To tell someone I LOVE YOU is easy. But do you mean it? Or its just a pick up line? Have you ever thought about it, before you actually tell someone I LOVE YOU? Or you just blurt it out simply?

I'MNOSUPERMANLAH: Love like you should...

February 12, 2009

The perfect hostage; A Life of Aung San Suu Kyi

This is a very serious and somehow inspiring biography by Justin Wintle where he explains both the background of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma's (Union of Myanmar) struggling history under a military junta since 1962.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was only 2 when her father; U Aung San was murdered amidst Burma’s political imbroglios. As if it was a calling for her to continue her father’s legacy, she grew up to become a journalist, pro-democratic believer, a 1991 Nobel Prize Winner and of course a nationalist. She has fought for her country for 21 years now and she has been placed under a home arrest in 19 of them. But that didn't stop her from wining the astonishment not only by the far too long mistreated Burmese, but also the whole world. Even if she fail to bring democracy to Burma, her determination and spirit will always be inspiring.

I’MNOSUPERMANLAH: Wait till you read about her 18 years old son; Alexander Aris, receiving the Nobel Prize on her behalf in Oslo with his very impressive speech. He's 18 for God's sake!!! It gives me goose-bump. I wish I can do that...

February 11, 2009

Cute Bloggers Award for me? Awww!!!

I’ve been doing some blog-hopping for only God know how long and I use to bump into some cute icons in some blog which indicates some awards that the blog owner have won throughout their blogging life. That have triggered some questions in me on how and why these awards came into the picture. I have to live with that question for a long time until Captain Hook said to me one day “Noks… Mak dosi tag uols for cute blogger's award... Mrasa jawab uols.” Well the rest of the story is kind of history.

So what’s the catch? Here goes…

1. Copy Badge “2008 Cute’s Blogger Award” untuk diletakkan di blog anda.

2. Link atau ceritakan kembali siapa yg memberikan award ini kepada anda.

3. Setiap blogger hendaklah menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum pemenang seterusnya.

The last time already told you the award was from Captain Hook, a very dear friend of mine who happen to be a cook. How great is that? Well the followings are some facts about me. I was required to state 10, but I'm being generous by giving you 25 instead. Now show me some love people...

1. I can’t stand blood which pretty much explain why I don’t do blood donations.

2. I read a lot of books. Charles Dickens’ would be the best present I could have if you wish to surprise me.

3. I’m not good with Woods… You know the long golf club with a long shaft and a very big round heads used to hit long shots during your tee-off. My friend called me ‘Ironman’ as I will only use Iron 3 or Iron 5 during my tee-off. Too hard to digest? Go and play golf. You’ll know what I mean.

4. I am not a zoo person. Weird eih? You tell me…

5. I’m addicted to internet. I can’t live without it.

6. I’m no fashion know how. I constantly need someone to tell me what to wear and what to not wear. Fashion Police… Arrest me!!!

7. I don’t watch horror movie.

8. I don’t eat pineapple. I’m allergic to it.

9. I’m suck with manual car. So if you happen to see me driving one, try not to make sudden moves or say anything stupid. I got nervous easily.

10. I’m not a kid person. So don’t kid with me.

11. I cut my own hair!!!

12. Shopping cart and me… NOT A GOOD COMBO. I tend to buy EVERYTHING!

13. I have this small thing for Lion Dance or Dragon dance or whatever you want to call it. It scares me… I’m not joking.

14. I’m the worst cook you can ever imagine. Well maybe ‘worst’ is too much. But I nearly burnt my house down once after I tried to boil some water. Freaky…

15. Cheese cake is such a turn on…

16. I hate turbulence while flying.

17. I’m learning to speak in French. I pourraient être en mesure de dire "je te déteste" en français un jour. In 10 years time maybe?

18. I like to take pictures. I’m yet to improve my photography skills, but I’m improving a lot.

19. I spend much of my internet time updating my blog. I know I might be a bit clumsy with my English, but I know more than just YES, NO, ALRIGHT and GOODBYE…

20. I don’t do techno… sorry.

21. I hate to ask for directions. But I will ask for directions if I’m interested in you.

22. I’m a perfectionist.

23. I hate politics. Let’s talk about goat shall we?

24. My left eye is smaller than my right eye.

25. I love my name… LOL!

I’MNOSUPERMANLAH: I’m not tagging anyone. All my friends are cute and you know who you are.

February 9, 2009

“See I told you… You’ll see us in the final!”

The crowd were hysterical as the players of Damai Football Team ran along the field, touching every single hand in celebrating their victory against Derawan Estate last Saturday. Mothers were crying in joy and daddies were shouting on top of their lungs, “That’s my boy there. He won!”

The players will soon be celebrated, honouring them for their sportsmanship and fair play. Off course I was not in the player list during that ‘important’ match, but I was more than happy to run on the side of the field doing what I do best… taking pictures.

I'MNOSUPERMANLAH: "Tuan tidak main kah Tuan?" Aku menggelengkan kepala sambil menunjukkan kamera di tanganku... Hmmm ALASAN!!!

February 8, 2009

Aku menulis dengan jiwa yang kacau

Erghh... Siksanya time tak ada kereta ni. Cemburu pulak bila dapat tau yang member-member sedang lepak sakan kat town, "Buat aper tu? Tak nak lepak dengan kitorang ker?"

Hampehsss... Kacau nya jiwa!!!

"Get yourself a kancil lah!" Mak memberi cadangan bila aku kata yang aku tak cukup RM lagi untuk beli Hyundai Accent yang dah lama jadi idamanku. " Lagipun it's small and adorable..."

"Mak... It's small but not adorable lah! It's not a car even!"

Petang semalam aku menyenarai-panjangkan barang-barang keperluan dapur yang bakal aku berikan kepada Ah Ti. He'll shop for me. He always do, semenjak aku accident tempohari that is. Rasa menyesal pulak bila difikirkan balik. Tak sepatutnya aku memandu laju malam tu.

Gula, check.
Beras, check.
Cili padi, check.
Bawang bakong, check.
Hyundai Accent... hmmm.

Pintu pejabatku diketuk. "Aku nak keluar ni. Nak pesan apa-apa tak?" Tanya Cairel.

"KFC... 5 piece... Original... Nanti aku bayar... Boleh ek?"


February 6, 2009

It's 2 a.m...

I'MNOSUPERMANLAH: .....................

February 5, 2009

I'm gonna be a good pakcik

Last night…

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww!!!” my sister were shouting at the other side of the phone line.

“Eh eh… Aaaaawwwwwww!!!” and so I shouted too. I can’t help it ba… LOL.

“Oii!!! Why are you shouting?”

“I’m the one who should ask you that question, not you. Err… why we are shouting anyway. Did you kill someone?”

“I am pregnant!”

“Oh my… call me uncle. 1... 2... SHOUT!!!”

Happy? Well u bet I am.

I’MNOSUPERMANLAH: I'm not good with kids though. But I shall try my best not to shout at them hahaha.

So what if I'm proud of myself?

Here are some of the shots that I took during our football match the other day. These pictures will be documented in my estate’s activity book, files and notice board for all to see and enjoy. But we just couldn’t satisfy everyone kan? Banyak la komen pasal my style of photography. I can take constructive comments though. But shitty comments are just plain shitty. To the dustbin you shall go…

Anyway, enjoy!

I’MNOSUPERMANLAH: I’m just a guy who happens to have an SLR and love taking pictures. Magazine-quality pictures? Go and hire a pro for cry out loud!!!

February 4, 2009

My bola team

This is my bola team; the Damai Estate Team. So far, we have won every single game and we are currently on the top of the league with 7 points. Another game is coming up this Saturday. Win this one… and we’ll see you in final!

I’MNOSUPERMANLAH: Mirror mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all? Hehehe…

February 3, 2009

The tamu; scary truth about the house that I live in

Masitah approached me this morning. Its not her custom to do that as she seldom speaks to me. She was not being herself and she was pale... Really really pale. “Tuan kita ada tamu.”

“Masakan saya ada tamu Masitah? Ngak ada ah.” I said in my rather clumsy Bahasa Indonesia.

“Bukan tamu itu Tuan…” her voice was low and whisper-like. “Dua orang... Laki-laki sama perempuan. Dua-dua baju putih Tuan. Saya lihat di kamar belakang sana.”

I’ve heard about this ‘tamu’ once from Rastina; my previous maid. But I couldn’t be bothered about it, or am I? I’m not a believer and I choose not to believe. I’ve met the 'tamu' myself once, but that didn’t change anything.

I was home from work. It was 10 pm and the house was dark. As I opened the door, I saw something was sitting underneath my dining table, in an embryo-like possition. I supposed it was a he. He was looking straight at me. Yes at me! I went to my room and locked myself in. I was shivering like shit. "Oh God! What was that?"

After some time I managed to repress the scary image from my head. But that soon changed when Rastina came to me one day. “Tadi pagi saya lihat ada dua orang di kamar belakang. Saya kira laki-laki sama perempuan. Sudah sering begitu Tuan. Saya mau berhenti. Saya takut.”

She quit a few days later. Of course I didn't mentioned a thing about our encounter to Masitah on the day she came in. I don't want to scare her away you see. Now that she experienced it herself, I hope she will not quit too...

I'MNOSUPERMANLAH: I am scared. I really am...

February 1, 2009

What is with Brunei?

I was dreaming about Brunei last night. In fact I’ve been dreaming about it few times within this week. What is with Brunei anyway? I’ve been telling my friends about my dreams, only to receive questions and smirk on their faces. Seriously, what is it with Brunei?

I’MNOSUPERMANLAH: Maybe it’s the sexy Kampung Ayer?
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