January 20, 2009

Visit visit visit!!!

Once in every 6 months, everyone in the estate will have to work extra hours and be on top of their games. It’s the Plantation Advisor’s (PA) visit. Forget the vacation plans or golf tournaments for that matter, this PA visit will determine the life and death for every Plantation Executive… well literally.

I had mine today. Everything went fine except that it was raining all the way. The tiring walks in the site were substituted with question and answer session in the supervision vehicle. Well thank God for the rain!

1 more visiting day, and I shall be free for the next 6 months. And for the first time, I really really really hope the rain will not stop.

I’MNOSUPERMANLAH: I wanna make sure this visit is a success. Senang la nak minta cuti…

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