January 12, 2009

Of Plantation Advisor's visit and being important

January 2009… It’s gonna be one hectic month I tell you. Our Plantation Advisor is coming and OSH people too. Today, those of TQEM will be coming. I hate visits. I always do. How I wish I am somewhere else right now. Morocco maybe…

This anxiety reminds me of my first Plantation Advisor (PA) visit sometime in 2003. It was my second week in Lavang Estate and stories about this PA serenaded by my colleagues and staff.

“Owh God… he is so garang you know.”

“He’ll kill you if you can’t answer his questions. He is a man with many questions.”

“Puji him a bit. He likes that.”

“He is a dragon. He breathes fire!”

I started to imagine things and I became mentally upset over some possible misfortunes that I will encounter or do for that fact.

“You should read the Agriculture Reference Manual. It’ll help you during the visit. Believe me.” My manager told me.

“May I be exempted from the visit sir? I don’t think I am ready.”

“Sure. No problem.”

“Really? So I can be exempted from the visit?” I was so happy right then and there.

“If you think you are not important, so yes you can always be exempted from the visit.”


I’MNOSUPERMANLAH: Of course I join the visit. I am not a passenger. And that PA was not a dragon after all...

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