January 23, 2009

Of bad hair day

I went for a hair cut the other day,
I asked for my favourite hair stylist,
But he was not around,
So I asked for anyone,
“Anyone will do, cause I am in a hurry.”
…Which happen to be the worst decision I’ve ever made.

Snip snip snip…
He was good with his hands,
Damn good!

Very good!
But I am not…
Good in maintaining my composure,

Whenever people play with my hair,
I tend to fall asleep,

And so I did...

The next day,
I realized,
My hair look ugly,

I look ugly,

I am ugly,
But my ugly hair make me look uglier.

And so I took the liberty,
To ‘repair’ it myself.
And that soon became my second worst decision I made!
Damn it, damn it, damn it!!!

I cut it all short,
Very short,
Too short in fact,

There goes my signature jambul,
My precious jambul.
People started to ask,
“What happen to your hair?"

"Why the sudden change?”

"Don’t ask."

I'MNOSUPERMANLAH: I miss my hair...

4 ulasan:

aBByLiCioUs said...

oppssss...u really did it? u cut it all? hmmm....

Hidney said...

a'ah... potong semua nya abby. now i look like some trainee in some pusat pemulihan akhlak. haha but i kind of like it lah

eQbalzack said...


Hidney said...

ader jambul la abang eq. tak perasan ek? hehehe

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