August 14, 2008

What it has been so far

“Aiyooo so long time no online one? How come? So buzy meh? So many briefing to do ah? Better be a fireman lah if like that. But first you must eat. So skinny one. Cannot lift the water hose. Everyone will sure die one!”

Well here I am now, poking my brain for some new ideas. So many things happened yet so little time to tell. To make my life easier and yours too, allow me to summarize everything in this one entry. Here goes…

I love my SLR. And it’ll go everywhere I went. Even while doing my day-to-day site inspections. Some of my workers will avoid me as they are camera shy (so to speak), but some will burst in supreme joy as they smile and give me their fiercest pose. “Tuan nanti bila siap fotonya? Mau kirim sama cewek di kampung…”

One day… “Hidney our GM requested you to attend the Tun’s visit. Bring along your SLR. You’ll be the photographer.”

And in another occasion… “There’ll be a dinner in Miri next month. Be there because you’ll be needed. Bring your SLR too.” Let me guess… I’ll be the photographer? People started to notice me. And suddenly I’m needed everywhere. Should I charge them accordingly? Well…

But I’m not going to attend it anyway. I’ll have some other plan instead. Bangkok… here I come! I can now imagine myself screaming like a girl in Siam Paragon or breathing laboriously for clean air while riding a tuk tuk… You can expect an entry about that soon. "Of me, Siam and tuk tuk."

“What? You have to come to that dinner. Otherwise you’ll have to produce a letter to GM.” Blah, it’s just a dinner where everyone should dress in red or at least some reds and I should write a letter for not attending it? Consider done!

Safety and fire drill… I have been doing a lot of that for a while now. Much of my time spent on doing presentations and demonstrations. What to do when the fire breaks and stuff. Thanks to the internet though. The information that I needed are just a click away.

My manager use to ask me once “Is your dad a fireman? You seem to know a lot about everything.” There's a thing called the INTERNET you moron. You can find everything you can imagine in it and it's not just porn. Jeeees!

I wish my dad was PM though…

I have received a letter from the Head Office the other day saying “Moving ahead in integrity.” So I’ve suggested that all of our management team and workers in Damai Estate should have a name tag. My manager seems to agree with me. Since that I’m the one who came up with that idea; I’ll be the one who’ll produce it. Good eih? Well that just how things work around here. DON’T SAY A THING IF YOU CAN’T DO IT! Period…

So I did. I even plagiarise a Malaysia Airport name card and someone was not that happy about it. You know who you are darling. A few late night later, I was done. Everyone was so happy to see the results and my manager started to flaunt it to every meeting he went. "Look look look... I got a name tag... I got a name tag..."

Until one fine day, our Senior Upstream Manager said “Stop wearing that tag. It’s a violation of our logo. Use a standard design instead.” I felt like I’ve been doing something useless and wasting much of my time. At least I’ve initiated something that is good. And now he said that I’m violating our company's logo. Urggh thankless!!!

He: So you’re the one who created the tag? Good but not that good. Do it all over again. But do it correctly this time.

Me: Send it to kedai lah sir. They’ll know what to do and they’ll do it correctly. Let me do my thing. It’s not in my job description to do tags anyway. I am a planter.

Finally yesterday… “In the interest of culturing the safety among our workers, we should create a safety slogan.” Said my manager. “But it should be in Bahasa Melayu.”

Instantly, Cairil raised his hand and said, “Tingkatkan produktiviti. Tapi jangan mati.” Everyone burst in their laughter. But I’ll say it’s a good one though.


I'MNOSUPERMAN: Kalau dah ajal, nak buat lagu mana?

4 ulasan:

Anonymous said...

good luck (",)

Hidney said...

Thank you

Faisal Admar said...

i guess "don't suggest if you can't do it" applied to all government department too. so we rather pretend we don't know anything rather than showing off our ability or specialty.

bad... but you just have to. or you workload will be double worse triple!

Hidney said...

i couldn't agree more faisal. i'll drink milk to that. hehehe

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