August 2, 2008

How I really wish...

"Good morning ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking."
To fly to soar to rise above the trees,
To float to glide to be within the breeze,
To duck and dodge to fly amongst the clouds,
To rise to wing above the crowds so loud,
To feel to be the one who flies the flight,
To lift and swoop to take in such delight,
To think to learn to have in my own hand,
To know the skill it takes to fly above the land...?
"Thank you for flying with us. We hope to see you again onboard soon."
I'MNOSUPERMAN: How in that airplane I wish I could fly, how in that airplane I wish I could touch the sky...

5 ulasan:

Anonymous said...

I wish i can be a flight attendant.
now that dream thrown out the window

Hidney said...

Haha we are all the same. So let us just dream and write a blog about it huhu

Faisal Admar said...

hmm, this post sounds a bit like i believe i can fly song :)

good post...

its good to dream:

"You can often measure a person by the size of his dream" -Robert H. Schuller-

Hidney said...

actually faisal the poem was inspired by marguerite greene. she always fascinated with flying. but when her pilot husband died of alzheimer's, she had nothing to do. so she kept herself busy by helping her friend building a plane. there and then, she developed a deeper enthusiasm for flying. finally at the age of 65, she entered a flying school and flew ever since...

i've been dreaming of becoming an aviator since the day when my dad bought me a plane model when i was young. but its all easier said that done. i’ve tried but let’s just say that luck is not on my side. so here i am now, in a plantation industry instead of that in the airline. but then again, it's good to dream.... maybe just maybe one day i can finally realize my dream

Alam Setia said...

emm....bagus untuk langkah2 keselamatan

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