July 17, 2008

What in the name of anything that is holier in here is this?

The internet connection is F***ing slow
When will they fix the WiFi connection anyway?
Next decade?
I can’t log in into my Yahoo Messenger
I can’t check my email
My best friend is mad at me
I made bubur ayam but it was too salty
I have to cook meggie instant bubur instead
I am watching The F Word on AFC
I don’t understand the chef
He’s such a pain in the a**
I am tired
Not in the mood
My eye bag is the size of Pahang
I have a meeting on Monday
I’m gonna be on the chopping board again
I hate Monday
I hate meeting
I hate chopping board for that matter
My leave was not approved
I lost my TV remote control
I miss my bucuk
I miss my car
Masitah forgot to clean up the toilet again
Derawan Oil Mill wouldn’t accept my crop tomorrow
I got 20% unripe bunches sent to the mill yesterday
I got penalize for that
I am mad
Very mad
I am out of cooking oil
No more fried nugget and roti canai for the next 3 days
I have no car to move around
I don’t want to borrow Firdaus’s car anymore
He is avoiding me
My only hope is the estate-owned school bus
It was down since Monday though
I forgot to back up my upcoming blog entry
I lost it
I have to type it again
It’s not gonna be the same
I hate shallots
But I need it to cook a proper food
I am bored
I am horny
Very horny
Nothing to do except for watching The F Word on TV
Miss USA tripped during Miss Universe Pageant, yet again
Miss Columbia should have won
Syukrie keep on asking for his jeans
I left it at Khairil’s place
I have only RM23 in my wallet
I am poor
Very poor
I have no chocolate to nibble
I need to buy P Iron
Cos I'm suck with 9th Iron
My stomach hurts
I can’t sleep well last night
I over-napped this afternoon
I woke up having 3M’s
I hate that
I tend to throw things
And break things
That I regretted it soon after
I want to eat sushi
No Sushi King in Bintulu
I miss my Sinchan
Where is he?
My workers were asking for a raise in salary
I have to explain it to the boss
Boss asked me to said “Bapak-bapak, ibu-ibu, harap tenang semuanya.”
Low turnout today
No one wanted to harvest the crop till the salary issues tackled
I can’t achieve my budget
There goes my KPI
No news about bonus
When would it be?
Next century?
I need to top up my investment
Mikha was already asking about it
I hate to wake up just to turn on the air-cond in the middle of the night
Was asking James to fix it the other day
No follow up till now
The dogs are getting louder
It’s creepy especially during the night
They ate my shoes
They sat on my bike
I hate to ask Masitah to samak it for me
I don’t want to do it myself

I'MNOSUPERMAN: I wish I can have 25 hours a day

2 ulasan:

EaN said...

i love the horny part...
guess what..
monday is all about horny.
anyway,kat sini pun internet lambat...
macam taik jak..
but the focus is on..

Hidney said...

hahaha let be horny together...

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