July 22, 2008


I have a cat
Adopted him from a single lovely Chinese lady
She named him Clover
But I called him Sinchan instead
Because Doraemon would be too much

He was so small that I have to bottle feed him
He was crying a lot in his box during the night
He missed his mommy
I cuddled him for a while
He fell asleep
But only to wake up again in the next 5
He really missed his mommy
Day by day
He grew bigger
And stronger too

He played with his green and purple ball
Chased the thing here and there
The thing will chimed every time it rolls

He played with the curtain too
It was green and thin
He left his claw mark on it
On my ugly green and thin curtain
Thank you Sinchan!

He’ll be sleeping with me every night
He’ll stood on the door every morning
So that I let him out
To pee and to eat

Then I was transferred to Damai from Belian
He seemed to be lost
Of the new environment
Of our new house

He went out one day
And never came back
I freaked and I worried
So I seek for help
Find my Sinchan and my reward shall be yours
He is a cat with a green necklace

He came back a week later
They brought him back in a gunny sack
He was crying out loud
He was dirty and skinny
Eventually he settled down
Played with his ball
And my new yellow curtain
In our new house

One fine day
Sinchan came home with his new girlfriend
A yellow cat
See daddy… I have a girlfriend!

She then gave birth to 4 cute kittens
They would pee and shit everywhere
And they would flee in my presence
I have to let them out of the house
So that they can pee and shit
As much as they wanted to

Sinchan was not always with me since then
He came back every once in a while
His ball doesn’t chime anymore
The curtains were left untouched

But I’m happy to see him
Even for just a while
That I know he still remembers
Of his daddy
Of his friend
Of me…

I'MNOSUPERMAN: He'll change... but I'll never stop loving him. I'll never stop caring for him. He is all that I have, my only sayang...

7 ulasan:

-cD- said...

Nanges bile tau sinchan ilang dulu... bila dia kembali semuanya tak seindah dulu. Banyak yang berubah, tapi satu jer, sayang ucuk kat sinchan x pernah berubah kan.. Sinchan segalanya, teman suka, duka semua dikongsi bersama walaupun ianya hanya seekor kucing.

Hidney said...

huhuhu thanks sebab faham. tak semua yang hilang dapat diganti. tapi reel happy sebab reel ditinggalkan dengan kenangan

Anonymous said...

I give an A+ for this ;)


EaN said...

i love your pets..

Hidney said...

thanks kin. i am flattered...

hye ya ean... everyone loves my pet more than they love me. hahaha (huhuhu)

EaN said...

u sound frust la abg hidney..
im wondering...

Hidney said...

frustrated? c'mon... never! he's one cute and cuddly cat. everything that i want. everyone loves him. and i am proud to have him in my life even, hence the blog

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