July 24, 2008

Orang Pupathy?

Yesterday I was visited by a very dear agronomist-friend of mine; Mr. Pupathy. Let me tell you a story about me and him and how we met.

It was back in 2003 when I was in Lavang Estate. It was my first week and everyone was talking about Pupathy. Pupathy this, Pupathy that… and I never thought that Pupathy was in fact a person’s name especially after being introduced to a staff who claimed himself as orang Pupathy when I first join the estate.

“Hello tuan. Nama saya Wilson. Saya orang Pupathy…”

One day… “Hidney petang nanti 3 orang Pupathy akan visit tempat kau. Get ready with all the supporting documents.” My manager told me.

Later that afternoon, I was told that only one of the orang Pupathy will come and he’s Indian. Being a pudding head myself, I approached that Indian guy and asked him this… ”Welcome. Are you part of Pupathy? I’ve been expecting you.”

He was stunned and of course stupefied with my question. “I am Pupathy and I believe all parts of me are Pupathy.”

“Gosh I’m sorry. I thought Pupathy is a name of an organization.”

“Clearly! I shall remember this day as the funniest day in my life.”

It’s been a while since I last met him and yesterday I asked him the same question again... only to receive the same answer. Never change one I tell you...

I'MNOSUPERMAN: He saw my new SLR and he wanted me to sell it to him for RM400. Hehe nice try Pupathy!!!

2 ulasan:

Pak Deen said...

Lawak thap cipan nie... Teringat aku masa zaman "org pupathy" tu... iyek...

Hidney said...

hahaha tak akan lupa lah cerita tu deen. pupathy pun macam tak bagi chance jer kat aku. asyik dok cakap yang nama dia pupathy jer time visit tuh. perli lah tu... tuan suriya dok nengok and join gelak jer, buat2 faham

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