July 17, 2008

Of motion study and using my power to decide

“I want you to do motion study on the new machine and on Monday I expect a full report on my desk.” One word… FUN!!!

A China-base company brought in this machine last week to promote it as a more effective method for crop evacuations in our hilly terrain estate. I thought it was stupid and a total waste of money as we already bought the same machine a few years back and it’s now somewhere in the workshop, waiting to be recycled as scrap iron. Call me absurd, but this thing is useless!!!
And so I was given the task to study it and guess what? My report will help to determine whether we should buy the machine or not. Cool huh?

It’s time to say NO!

I'MNOSUPERMAN: I should conclude my report with, "It's a junk with capital J. Buy this and you are stupid!"

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