July 24, 2008


This afternoon, on the phone...

Manager: I want you to call fire department now and ask them to come down to our estate to give a talk and demonstration on fire control. Then do a report about it. It's for our KPI.

Me: When do you want to have that talk and demonstration sir?

Manager: This afternoon.

Me: Tak cepat sangat ker sir?

Manager: No.

Me: I can call them, but I'm sure diorang tak akan dapat datang petang ni.

Manager: Then you do the talk and the demonstration. I want it done this afternoon. Report to me tomorrow.

Me: Where can I get the material and stuff sir?

Manager: Google!!!

I'MNOSUPERMAN: Google this Google that... I wonder if I can Google his sanity?

4 ulasan:

Anonymous said...

haha he should use the goggle to get him a clue (",)

Hidney said...

hahaha 10 points for you for understanding. your next roti canai and teh tarik is on me. deal?

EaN said...

superb..patut u be our next superman..heheh

Hidney said...

yerrr ean... after giving the talk, i rasa macam i patut jadi superman jer. hahahaha ader!!!

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