July 22, 2008

Ayam Pansuh; The how to...

Ayam Pansuh; a rare delicacy if you are not from Sarawak, it’s a special chicken dish cooked in a bamboo. Very often you can see it during Gawai festivity. Very lemang but not quite the lemang you have in mind. This is how it’s made.

Before it’s all started, you might need a lemang bamboo, chicken (a dead one please), chicken broth, bunga kantan, garlic, salt to taste and banana leave. Very simple, but you’ll be amazed on the final results.

First thing first. Slightly burn the chicken over a fire to enhance the YUMMY factor. You can have it cooked through if you want too. Improvisation is the key. While waiting for that, you can cut the bunga kantan and garlic into smaller pieces.

Once the chicken is done, dice it up into your desirable sizes. You might need to cut it into bigger pieces if you have a big mouth. I say… too harsh? Well, forgive me for the inconvenience caused.

Hahaha carry on now. Mix all the ingredients together, minus the bamboo and banana leave cos that would be too stupid to do isn’t it?

Once it’s all mixed together, stuff the chicken into the bamboo and pour in some of the chicken broth. Then close the end of the bamboo with the banana leave and cook the whole thing over an open fire. You’ll know when it’s cooked. Enjoy!

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