June 11, 2008

What I did here

Being the jack of all trades, these are some of my responsibilities in the estate.

Accounts – Love to hate it, hate to love it. Go figure!

Budgets – The pain in my bottom.

Monthly reports – Thesis on the things that I did wrong for the whole month.

Weekly reports – Thesis on the things that I did wrong for the whole week.

Daily reports – Come again?

Store & warehouse – Tons of invoices to be endorsed.

General administrations – A good excuse to stay in the office and surf internet.

Upkeep & Cultivations – A good excuse to hide in the field from basically anything.

Vehicle & evacuations – Automatic or manual gear transmission?

Water & power – We have 3 Power Generators and 1 Water Treatment Plant here. As if you care?

Communications – Now what’s new in Facebook today?

Logistics – I’m busy. Take a taxi…

Crop quality – Arghhh they can never understand this!

Productions – More more more more!

Labour problems – They know where the exit is!

Contractor problems – Kiss my ass!

Staff problems – I can always print you another P&C if you want.

Visitors – Mind your behavior or I’ll feed you to the dogs!

Security – Don’t mention it. I just got one P&C on this matter. Shit!

Safety – Helmet anyone?

Health – I will attend to those who are gorgeous only. Ugly-is-not-allowed. Haha…

Government compliances – Who?

2 ulasan:

eqbalzack said...

sab0r2...tak nak keja jadik student mcm abg eq..heheh

Ezan said...

hallo.. banyak nyer time blogging.. tak masuk block ke.. patutlah kebun macam tooooot*


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