June 4, 2008

Two weddings and a surgery

It’s been both wonderful and bitter birthday this year. But life’s good. That’s how it supposes to be right?

It started with my long anticipated tonsillectomy surgery on May 20th. The healing processes were not pleasant at all. At one point I thought having that surgery was a total what-was-I-thinking thing. But it all went fine eventually.

I was granted a 10 days leave to recuperate and I could never be happier to go back to my hometown in Mukah. But I soon find myself busy with my sister and lil' brother’s wedding preparations. There goes my sleep and rest…

On my birthday, May 28th the whole family and I went to Lundu where my lil' brother's wedding took place. I’ve never been there so I considered that as my birthday gift. Not bad eih? Well the wedding went without a hitch. I took hundreds of photos, and from that hundreds to choose from, here's a few of my favorites. I can do this for living can I?

Congrats lil' brother. I am happy for you. ..

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No OnE said...

soalan yg biasa org tanya...Reel bila Pulak?
*gelak sejahatnyer...erkkk

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