June 5, 2008

My 50 birthday wishes (or things that I wish I did)

1. Own a sphinx (in case you're wondering, it's a cat)
2. Date a supermodel
3. Drive an F1 car (or at least be in it)
4. Sky jumping
5. Shake hands with Dalai Lama
6. One on one golfing with Tiger Wood
7. Hug Big Bird in Sesame Street
8. Cruising on the international water
9. Ride a giraffe
10. Candle light dinner with Angelina Jolie
11. Be in the news paper
12. Watch Barney & Friends
13. Stay a night in Dubai’s Burj Al Arab
14. Fly First Class on A380
15. Participate in marathon
16. Donate blood
17. Climb a coconut tree
18. Shop in Europe
19. Involve in a fight
20. Naik haji
21. Pluck grape
22. Own Microsoft
23. Eat sheep’s eye in Djemaa El Fina
24. Climb Everest (or at least Kinabalu)
25. Own 1 million Ringgit
26. Win Malaysian Idol
27. Be friend with Usher
28. Fly an aircraft
29. Eat sushi with wasabi in it
30. Be in MTV
31. Ignite firecracker and throw it into dad’s car
32. Ignite firecracker and throw it into mom’s car
33. Sing Negaraku on National TV
34. Be in Disneyland
35. Be a back-up dancer in Beyonce’s concert
36. Offered jump seat while flying
37. Got poked by the real Rihanna in Facebook.com
38. Sell all my shares and gain enough money to circle the world
39. Have six pack

40. Pose semi-nude in some international label adds (if I have a six packs)
41. Live a life of a famous porn star (a mere porn star would do too hehehe)
42. Signing an authograph fo my fans (do I have any?)
43. Have a fan (hehehe)
44. Plan a successful bank robbery
45. Invent something and make millions
46. Be an extra in some box-office movie
47. Get a birthday wish from someone who hates me
48. Get a present from someone who hates me
49. Celebrate my birthday party organize by someone who hates me
50. Be with my bucuk

P/s: too much to ask?

2 ulasan:

EaN said...

loving it

Hidney said...

thanks ean...

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