May 20, 2008

Tonsillectomy story; Part 2

I was talking to Mikha a few nights before I have this surgery and he told me that he too was having this surgery before. Well I guess I was never alone in this thing. Relieve…But there’s nothing so relieving when he told me that he actually regained his consciousness while on the operating table! Yaiks… I’ve been thinking about that possibility even before he told me. And thanks to him, I’ve became even more worried ever since. Seeing my doctor while he is holding to a scalpel in a middle of surgery is not a pleasing sight to see.

10.14 am I was finally prepped for my surgery.

“Ada gigi palsu? Kalau ada kena tanggalkan dulu,” a nurse was asking. I couldn’t help it but laugh my lungs out. My trolley bed was pushed through several corridors and into a very white and cold room I came. Everyone was in green attire. They were busy attaching only god knows what device onto my body. That was when I started to shiver. I’m about to experience my first surgery.

“Hidney. Are you ready?” asked Doctor Vikness.

10.20 am, Doctor Lim the anesthesiologist came in and the next thing I know, I was in a deep sleep. I just hope that I don’t snore.

It’s 14.50 pm and I was wide awake. There was no Doctor Vikness holding to his scalpel or that bright operating theatre light. Hmm…I was in my ward again. It was a flawless surgery and I could never be happier.

“Hello welcome back. How are you feeling? You did good.” I saw that nurse again, smiling and jotting down something on my patient log.


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