May 9, 2008

Stupid question?

There is no such thing as stupid question as long as you want to know and understand things. But when you don’t understand and don't even bother to ask, eventually you'll become stupid yourself. So the choice is basically yours. In a meeting the other day...

"What are the critical machineries that are covered under this insurance scheme?"

"Any machinery in the mill that directly contributes to your production can be considered as critical machineries."

"How about vacuum cleaner in the mill office?"

"That is not critical machine."

"Critical lah what! You will be working in a dust should the vacuum cleaner broke down. That will eventually contribute to a low production among the staff."

"You can use broom."

"What if the broom broke down also?"

"It’s not machine."

"But it's critical kan?"

"Shut up! It’s not critical and it’s not machine!"

P/s: Based on true event but the actual issues have been altered as a courteous regards for someone's feelings.

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