May 15, 2008

The meeting room story

Planters are well known for their meeting room etiquette. Meeting room is THE place to see who they really are. Go and join one. You’ll experience it all…

The firecracker. They speak faster than the speeding bullet train. Pity to the minute taker. He’ll die at the end of the meeting.

The extender. They never propose or suggest anything. But they’ll be more than happy to continue to what other people were proposing. They can be very convincing, as if they know the subject very well. But when you ask them a question, they will look at you with a big question mark on their face.

The cursed one. They are usually the most junior member of the forum. They can never speak or defend themselves. They just listen, jot down the details of the minutes and pour the coffee for their managers.

The observer. They never speak a word. They just came in to help themselves with the free foods and drinks. You can only sense their presence when they burp!

The time keeper. They are the one who live in a fast lane. They seem to live in a 20 hours a day life. Keep things short and direct to the point. You’ll make them happy.

The analyst. Give them one subject and they can make a 6000 pages thesis out of it. The next time you had a meeting with them, just don’t forget to bring you sleeping bag along with you. You might need it.

The commercial break guy. When everyone was singing to a “marry had a little lamb” they will sing “old McDonald have a farm”. Both can be closely related but not significant enough to achieve the meeting’s objectives. Just ignore them and they will stop.

The IT novice. They are the scarce breed of planters and guarded as a special member to the forum (well sort of). They will setup the projector and the projector’s screen, turn on the laptops and their peripherals, making document copies, jotting down the minute etc. So if you happen to know how to use computer, just act dumb and you’ll be fine. Now you know why the IT novices are small in margin.

The mulut puakas. They curse and they curse. F**K is their middle name. What’s more amazing is, they can say the F word faster than you can say oi! Even the grumpy Ramsey of the Hell’s Kitchen will surrender. Hand down!

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Audra said...

Yeah pity to the minute taker. Hahahaha...

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