May 21, 2008

Tonsillectomy story; Part 4

Very tasty? Suddenly eating bubur is a rocket science for me. Huhu...

Tonsillectomy story; Part 3

Its 8.58 am 21st May 2008; the second day I’m here. I am feeling much better when I woke up this morning and I managed to eat something. But last night was hell as my body temperature suddenly increased to 39Âșc. I was sweating all over and experiencing nausea. Hopefully if everything went fine today, I’ll be discharged by tomorrow morning. I just can’t wait to get home.

May 20, 2008

Tonsillectomy story; Part 2

I was talking to Mikha a few nights before I have this surgery and he told me that he too was having this surgery before. Well I guess I was never alone in this thing. Relieve…But there’s nothing so relieving when he told me that he actually regained his consciousness while on the operating table! Yaiks… I’ve been thinking about that possibility even before he told me. And thanks to him, I’ve became even more worried ever since. Seeing my doctor while he is holding to a scalpel in a middle of surgery is not a pleasing sight to see.

10.14 am I was finally prepped for my surgery.

“Ada gigi palsu? Kalau ada kena tanggalkan dulu,” a nurse was asking. I couldn’t help it but laugh my lungs out. My trolley bed was pushed through several corridors and into a very white and cold room I came. Everyone was in green attire. They were busy attaching only god knows what device onto my body. That was when I started to shiver. I’m about to experience my first surgery.

“Hidney. Are you ready?” asked Doctor Vikness.

10.20 am, Doctor Lim the anesthesiologist came in and the next thing I know, I was in a deep sleep. I just hope that I don’t snore.

It’s 14.50 pm and I was wide awake. There was no Doctor Vikness holding to his scalpel or that bright operating theatre light. Hmm…I was in my ward again. It was a flawless surgery and I could never be happier.

“Hello welcome back. How are you feeling? You did good.” I saw that nurse again, smiling and jotting down something on my patient log.


Tonsillectomy story; Part 1

Finally the day has come. I’ve been waiting for this tonsillectomy surgery since I don’t know when. Thank God!

I was admitted to Columbia Asia Medical Center Miri this morning. I’ve been here last 10th May but I caught a fever and the doctor asked me to get some home rest until I am ok. And now, ten days later I come back and I ain’t going anywhere until I have that damn surgery. Yarrrrr!!!

The surgery was scheduled at 9.00 am. But it’s already 9.42 am! Hmm Malaysians…

May 17, 2008

Kerry's house

I was staying in Kerry’s house when I was in Brunei the other day. I was amazed on the way he embellished the entire house. It's more of a mix and macth with some unexpected ideas I would say. Err… rojak contemporary fusion maybe?

“Alah biasa-biasa aja,” he said in humbleness when I expressed my admirations. So I took my camera and started to capture the essence of Kerry’s talent. Enjoy…

May 15, 2008

The meeting room story

Planters are well known for their meeting room etiquette. Meeting room is THE place to see who they really are. Go and join one. You’ll experience it all…

The firecracker. They speak faster than the speeding bullet train. Pity to the minute taker. He’ll die at the end of the meeting.

The extender. They never propose or suggest anything. But they’ll be more than happy to continue to what other people were proposing. They can be very convincing, as if they know the subject very well. But when you ask them a question, they will look at you with a big question mark on their face.

The cursed one. They are usually the most junior member of the forum. They can never speak or defend themselves. They just listen, jot down the details of the minutes and pour the coffee for their managers.

The observer. They never speak a word. They just came in to help themselves with the free foods and drinks. You can only sense their presence when they burp!

The time keeper. They are the one who live in a fast lane. They seem to live in a 20 hours a day life. Keep things short and direct to the point. You’ll make them happy.

The analyst. Give them one subject and they can make a 6000 pages thesis out of it. The next time you had a meeting with them, just don’t forget to bring you sleeping bag along with you. You might need it.

The commercial break guy. When everyone was singing to a “marry had a little lamb” they will sing “old McDonald have a farm”. Both can be closely related but not significant enough to achieve the meeting’s objectives. Just ignore them and they will stop.

The IT novice. They are the scarce breed of planters and guarded as a special member to the forum (well sort of). They will setup the projector and the projector’s screen, turn on the laptops and their peripherals, making document copies, jotting down the minute etc. So if you happen to know how to use computer, just act dumb and you’ll be fine. Now you know why the IT novices are small in margin.

The mulut puakas. They curse and they curse. F**K is their middle name. What’s more amazing is, they can say the F word faster than you can say oi! Even the grumpy Ramsey of the Hell’s Kitchen will surrender. Hand down!

May 13, 2008

Second chance?

What would you do if you have a second chance in life? The chance that was merely yours? I'll say I'll grab it and make the most out of it. Cos you'll never know whether there'll be that third chance or not.

I love you mum. Happy mother's day...

May 9, 2008

Stupid question?

There is no such thing as stupid question as long as you want to know and understand things. But when you don’t understand and don't even bother to ask, eventually you'll become stupid yourself. So the choice is basically yours. In a meeting the other day...

"What are the critical machineries that are covered under this insurance scheme?"

"Any machinery in the mill that directly contributes to your production can be considered as critical machineries."

"How about vacuum cleaner in the mill office?"

"That is not critical machine."

"Critical lah what! You will be working in a dust should the vacuum cleaner broke down. That will eventually contribute to a low production among the staff."

"You can use broom."

"What if the broom broke down also?"

"It’s not machine."

"But it's critical kan?"

"Shut up! It’s not critical and it’s not machine!"

P/s: Based on true event but the actual issues have been altered as a courteous regards for someone's feelings.

It's annoying!!!

I was having a safety and security meeting with OSH people from Kuala Lumpur last Wednesday and they said the OSH department needs an extra hand to be OSH officer for this region. When they were asked about what they have done to overcome this problem, they said that they were having a hard time to find candidates for that post. Ya right! I was applying for that same post months ago and they just don’t bother to follow up. NO ACTION TALK ONLY! I am basically left in disgusts with these kind of people... Hush hush. Go away!!!

May 7, 2008


Could someone please explain this?

Brunei and me

I was dreaming of going to Brunei the other night and waking up feeling eagerly desirous to visit that country. Suddenly running in much rejoice in Jerudong Park seems to be very real when I was granted a 2 days off. I called my best buddy Ethan and off we go!

“Did you bring your Green Card with you? Cause you gonna need it to drive your car in Brunei.” Said Ethan.

Damn I have to spend another 40 minutes going back to my house and spent another 10 minutes or so to find that only-when-I-don’t-need-it-the-thing-would-appear Green Card. And why is it call Green Card in the first place when the colour is actually red?

2 hours later, we reached Sungai Tujuh Check Point and paid for the most ridiculous toll fee ever. RM10 per entry for normal family car! Talk about money. Its crazy yes, but it’s gonna be crazier to bitch around now and spend my 2 days off in a jail. That’s what I think lah…

Drivers in Brunei are amazingly gracious. It was almost funny to see how they will only use the right lane whenever they wanted to overtake another car. And they will always give way to pedestrians at the zebra crossings. It was definitely not the “lantak engkau” attitude like what we have here in Malaysia. I think we should learn something from them. Seriously! Malaysian government should impose a Visit Brunei Year campaign to improve our driving attitude.

I can say shopping is not the best thing to do in Brunei. But hey that’s not the end of the world. Brunei is equipped with tonne of other excitements. Let’s take Kampung Ayer for instance. And I am proud to say that I’ve been there. It’s almost amazing to see how these people live there, with almost no compound for their children to play around. But look at the bright side, I saw one old man fishing for crabs from his balcony. I mean that is fresh!!!

Maybe this is not significant, but Istana Nurul Iman? Where else in the world can you see the biggest gold dome made from 24K gold leaf? Too bad I can’t get inside. But I know it’s BIG!

Brunei is definitely not London or Dubai. But Brunei has this special sexy appeal to it. I will definitely be coming back again. And this time with my bucuk. Siok kali ah!!!

P/s: They have to do something with the famous Jerudong Park. It was abandoned!

At Sungai Tujuh Check Point. It's time to stamp that passport baby!

Melepak at the Yayasan Sultan Hasanal Bolkiah Shopping Complex. The best in Brunei I think.

At Kuala Belait.

Taken before my Kampung Ayer Adventure.

I was happy. Can you tell?

Enjoying the view of Kampung Ayer.

Jalan-jalan di Kampung Ayer.

Nampak bumbung pun jadilah!

I must come back.

May 2, 2008


Estate Manager
Actual - Estate’s People Relation Officer, Safety & Security Officer, Auditor, Accountant, Total Quality Estate Management.

Actually – Sitting in the office the whole surfing the internet, chit chatting with their fellow manager through YM, observing stock exchange, flirting with the female office staff, going to the nearest canteen and have a drink or two.

Assistant Manager
Actual – Assisting Estate Manager in Safety & Security, Divisional Auditor, Divisional Accountant, Divisional Total Quality Divisional Management, Labour Management, Crop Management.

Actually – Hiding in the office and surf the internet, hiding in the house while thinking of the next blog entry, hiding and wandering in the field with no apparent reason.

Field Staff
Actual – Assisting Assistant Manager, Divisional Total Quality Divisional Management, Labour Management, Crop Management.

Actually – Sleeping the whole day in their houses.

Office Staff
Actual – Directly under Estate Manager, Account Administration, Office Management, General Administration.

Actually – Calling the local radio station and dedicate songs, chit chatting among themselves through YM.

Actual – Driving the executives around.

Actually – Driving nuts out of the executives.

Of 5S's

It's just 5 letter of S's. You don't have to be too serious about it. Jeez!!!
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