April 28, 2008

My manager, the way I see him

In the estate, manager is the head for everything. Work or no work. This is what I can see in my manager.

If he came in with long papaya face during the morning muster, he is angry or not in the mood. Be prepared with your notes, report, file, shield, tudung saji, anything. Just don’t be panic, but be very worried.

If he came in with a big I LOVE YOU mark on his forehead, then he is happy. You can start to congratulate everyone for what they did and what they don’t. You can also take this chance to ask anything from him. You’ll definitely get what you want. But not the promotion or rise in salary though...

If he came in wearing crisp and pressed bush jacket, he’ll be having a meeting on that day. Be prepared to accompany him and be on a chopping board in the conference room later.

If he came in wearing plain jeans, he’ll be away for the rest of the day. So you are basically free to do anything the whole day. It’s a honeymoon I would say…

If he didn’t come in that morning, don’t be too complacent. He’s not on leave unless he told you so. Don’t be surprise to see him wandering around in the worst field in the estate, looking for your fault that has gone missing. Outsmart him by going straight to that field when you feel that he’s not coming to the muster ground.

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