April 25, 2008

Barlow visit the other day

Dato Henry Sackville Barlow, one of the BOD of Sime Darby has agreed to visit me (yeah right) in Damai Estate the other day. God it was one tiring visit. But nonetheless it was fun. I get to be the cameraman which explain why you dont see me much in the pictures. Well they say, picture speaks a thousand words. But being an unrethorical John Doe like me, I'll say picture explain everything. Enjoy...

This is the Damai Estate team. The picture was taken before Dato Barlow's arrival. The man in white and jeans is my manager.

Who the hell is Dato Barlow? Well, it's obvious right? Hahaha, ampun Dato!

"Hey don't you touch that. It's mine. Mine!" said Tuan Azini to Tuan Azmi. They eventually fought like a girl and started to pull each others hair. Just kidding!

They were talking about chicken I think...

"Oh my gracious God. She's naked?"

My manager was trying his hard to assure Dato Barlow that we don't sell our crop to the third party and use the money to have a bbq.

See... I'm the skinniest!

Actually... I was wincing. You should see the road condition. But my driver; James is the best.

Yes it was a bumpy ride. But I'm ok with it.

They were giving their full attention to a group of executive that was performing poco-poco dance that day. I was taking picture, so I was not in the group.

His name is Firdaus, my neighbour. He's good in poco-poco.

"What da... I thought the naked lady was gone?"

"What naked lady?"

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eqbalzack said...

reel..letak shoutbox plsss..leh ngumpat2 kat situ...hehehe

Hidney said...

okeh. akan diusahakan...

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