April 30, 2008

Of courage and commitement

To put at risk what you have become for the possibility of what you can be, requires courage and commitement.

April 28, 2008

My manager, the way I see him

In the estate, manager is the head for everything. Work or no work. This is what I can see in my manager.

If he came in with long papaya face during the morning muster, he is angry or not in the mood. Be prepared with your notes, report, file, shield, tudung saji, anything. Just don’t be panic, but be very worried.

If he came in with a big I LOVE YOU mark on his forehead, then he is happy. You can start to congratulate everyone for what they did and what they don’t. You can also take this chance to ask anything from him. You’ll definitely get what you want. But not the promotion or rise in salary though...

If he came in wearing crisp and pressed bush jacket, he’ll be having a meeting on that day. Be prepared to accompany him and be on a chopping board in the conference room later.

If he came in wearing plain jeans, he’ll be away for the rest of the day. So you are basically free to do anything the whole day. It’s a honeymoon I would say…

If he didn’t come in that morning, don’t be too complacent. He’s not on leave unless he told you so. Don’t be surprise to see him wandering around in the worst field in the estate, looking for your fault that has gone missing. Outsmart him by going straight to that field when you feel that he’s not coming to the muster ground.

April 27, 2008

They are my workers

I’ve meet many type of workers for the past 5 years since I started this job. I’ve arranged them into these categories.

The one who lost in translation. The first time you lay eye on them, you’ll probably guessing that they are the kera sumbangs. But I guess they have reason for doing it. They can’t understand others and vise versa. Ask a question, and you’ll get smile in return. Keep a good translator in sight because you may need them.

The Joko’s. The Joko’s are the one who have this thick Jawa accent. Every single word spoken are bless with the overutilisation of J. I can never understand them. PERIOD! But it’s always fun to listen to especially when they can master the local dialect. Clean up the floor, I want to laugh and roll.

The one from the east. You just cannot miss them among the crowd for their dark skin color and very short curly hair, resembling the Aborigine in Australia. But for me, they are the easiest type to work with.

The maids to be. They came in for just one reason. To be a maid. No question ask. Just give them the damn job!

The ceweks. They are the roses among the thorn. They are the Inuls and the Achas of the estate. Organize a function and they will be the first to come forward. But be prepared, as they tend to dress to kill.

The cowoks. The vice versa of the above. They are the swans amidst the ugly duckling. Always dress their best, head to toe. Hands down!

The blessed one. They are the Hajjahs and the Hajis; the surau conquerors. They are the one who will recite the doa in every muster session every morning and they are the one who will lead the tahlils and zikirs. It’s always nice to have them around.

The tukang uruts. Fancy a traditional massage in the comfort of your own pillow? Then these are the one you should call. A token of RM10 will definitely cheer them up.

The keepers. They are usually the most hardworking workers in the estate. They earn a big money and they save it. Being a financially sound person, they rank themselves high in the community. People will come to see them for personal loans and what not. During the pay day, these individual will move out and about with a thick book in their hands. It’s time to pay the hutang!

The sunday lobster

I was on Sunday duty and doing all the endorsements before going on leave the next day. Suddenly my door was knocked.

“Tuan mahu udang?”

“Boleh jugak.” I thought it was a small-small udang like what I use to buy in Bintulu’s wet market. God I was wrong. It was a lobster. How the hell I’m going to cook it? Well… the thought that’s really count doesn’t it?

"Terima kasih ya."

Traffic jam. Estate style!

We too have to face traffic jam you know.

Location: Derawan Oil Mill, Bintulu

April 25, 2008

Barlow visit the other day

Dato Henry Sackville Barlow, one of the BOD of Sime Darby has agreed to visit me (yeah right) in Damai Estate the other day. God it was one tiring visit. But nonetheless it was fun. I get to be the cameraman which explain why you dont see me much in the pictures. Well they say, picture speaks a thousand words. But being an unrethorical John Doe like me, I'll say picture explain everything. Enjoy...

This is the Damai Estate team. The picture was taken before Dato Barlow's arrival. The man in white and jeans is my manager.

Who the hell is Dato Barlow? Well, it's obvious right? Hahaha, ampun Dato!

"Hey don't you touch that. It's mine. Mine!" said Tuan Azini to Tuan Azmi. They eventually fought like a girl and started to pull each others hair. Just kidding!

They were talking about chicken I think...

"Oh my gracious God. She's naked?"

My manager was trying his hard to assure Dato Barlow that we don't sell our crop to the third party and use the money to have a bbq.

See... I'm the skinniest!

Actually... I was wincing. You should see the road condition. But my driver; James is the best.

Yes it was a bumpy ride. But I'm ok with it.

They were giving their full attention to a group of executive that was performing poco-poco dance that day. I was taking picture, so I was not in the group.

His name is Firdaus, my neighbour. He's good in poco-poco.

"What da... I thought the naked lady was gone?"

"What naked lady?"

April 24, 2008

The gaze

Sitting by the porch, you admire the sunrise and marvel at the warmth of the morning sun enveloping the undulating hills and terrains, while the shy mist makes a hasty retreat to reveal a brand new day.

April 23, 2008

The game?

The game. They say a person either has what it takes to play or they don’t. How we they play? That’s up to us. Sometime it is hard on purpose but it will only make us stronger and wiser. There comes a moment when it’s more than just a game, and we either take that step forward or turn around and just walk away.

April 21, 2008

We just cannot please everyone

Imagine this, you are in a room with people of different opinion and preference. Sometime they judge and analyze you. Sometime they are wrong and you find the itch to defend yourself. You take your chance to know them well and what their preference are. You try to please them by doing things they expect you to do. But along the way, you cannot help of taking the risk of doing things that you think is right. You are flying blind. If luck is on your side, you will success. But if it is not, you will take in more judgment and eventually you will frustrate. Life’s like that… we just cannot please everyone.

I do not want to win this game. But I cannot loose either. I just want us to be like what we use to be. Be the sibling that we use to be. I love you and you know it. Accept me for what I am. I'll be your lil' brother forever...

April 20, 2008

Being a planter

How could you stand being a planter? Many have asked me this question only to receive a laugh for an answer. I know life as a single young planter is not a bed of roses, but is not a reason for me to be unhappy. I believe that work is what you do and should never be who you are. Once your unhappiness becomes a bottomless cup, you’ll be in trouble. A wise planter once told me, bloom wherever you are planted.
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