December 31, 2008

Of 2008

New Year is approaching and celebrations are on its way. Parties are planned and latex are sold like hotcakes… well literally.

2008 have been both wonderful and painful year for me. I must say, I miss 2007 a lot. Now how weird is that? Looking back, 2007 have hosted a few “new beginning” for me and I’ve wished for perpetual beatifications throughout 2008. But it was not meant to be that way… always at least. Human are created to be sad too. No one is too happy and too beautiful. Having everything is not always enough…

This is my 2008 summation. Drum roll please…

Financial wise… I’ve been blessed. I never starved, I eat well, healthier than ever. But seriously... I’ve been spending like hell. At some point I kind of worried that I’ll cease all my savings! I bought some new stuff… err many actually. Some of them ended to be very useful while some are not. I love to travel. I’ve been travelling a lot in 2008. Been to some new exciting horizons thus adding some more colours to my passport. But I wish I can travel more. Where to next?

Work wise… 2008 have been the weirdest year ever. Lightning flickered and I had my stormiest moment ever. But then the sun started to shine again. I’ve been given so many chances to ransom what I’ve missed in 2007. It quenched my soul. It’s nothing monumental but it was all damn good. Learning should never stop and so I’ve learnt my shortcomings. I am looking forward for a brighter sky in 2009. Fingers crossed…

Golf wise… One word; ELECTRIFYING!!! I’ve won some local tournaments and that got me the chances to brush shoulders with some of THE big names in golfing. I’m not talking about Tiger Woods or Chi Chi Rodriguez people! That would be too good to be true isn’t it? Well… at least I shall start dreaming about it now. That golf bag which I’ve won sometime this year really played its role well. It motivates me to do better. Let’s hope that I can score a hole-in-one in 2009. That would be great!

Health wise… I always been skinny and thin, Chingy and 50 cents-like! After having my tonsil removed last May 2008, I decided to hit the gym and started to buff myself up. Thanks to Jerry though. He kept me on my track. After all those tiring pump-ups and push-ups, I can now enjoy the results. Hey… I’m just pleasing the current market OK! Kate Moss era was long gone LOL…

Love wise… It was both fun and pain year for me dear. I shall not forget all the hot sex we had. I am crossing my fingers for a better one in 2009 LOL. We had our moments but we’ve talked about it like adults. Blessed is the word baby. I never had such an intense relationship like this before. I felt like I am starting from scratch, toddling my steps like a new born child. You’ve thought me a lot and I shall forever be thankful for that. Baby… I was the bad guy who always runs in my previous relationships. Believe me, it won’t be happening again. Not this time. But promise me one thing… please don’t give up hopes on me. I'll never give up on you. “Love me in whatever sense and I’ll do the same. I am blessed to have you in my life…”

Oh God, I am done with 2008. But I am not done with my life just yet. Let the countdown begin people. Put our hands together and pray for a brighter 365 days ahead.












I'MNOSUPERMANLAH: Up up and away!!!

December 30, 2008

Of that Similajau National Park

Lama dah aku tak berkunjung ke Taman Negara Similajau. I don’t what came into me, but I’ve decided to visit that national park with Ethan and Kimi the other day to watch sunset. Nothing much has changed except for a cleaner beach I guess. I was 15 when I first came to that place and I was with my dad. He was once working with Sarawak Forestry Corporation.

“Working with nature is fun son. I hope you will have a job just like me when you grow up,” said he. And few years later... here I am, working in the estate. A mere 'nature' just like what he use to say.

I'MNOSUPERMANLAH: The sunset was magical by the way...

December 28, 2008

My identity thesis. Sorta...

Rules :
- Pick your birth month
- Strike out anything that doesn't apply to you (huh?)
- Bold the best apply to you (I'll bold and color them for you to see mmkkay)
- Copy to your own blog , with all twelve months
- Tag 10 people

Before I go further, lemme say this. EEEUWWW… it’s scary lah. How can this be very accurate? I bet someone who created this horoscope thingy have a brain the size of Jupiter!

May babies
Stubborn and hard-hearted. Strong-willed and highly motivated. Sharp thoughts. Easily angered. Attract others and love attention. Deep feelings. Beautiful physically and mentally. Firm Standpoint. Needs no motivation. Easily consoled. Systematic (left brain). Loves to dream. Strong clairvoyance. Understanding. Sickness usually in the ear and neck (I had my tonsil removed). Good imagination. Good physical (in few more week time kot hahaha). Weak breathing. Loves literature and the arts. Loves traveling. Dislike being at home. Restless. Not having many children (in fact, I am not good with any). Hardworking. High spirited. Spendthrift.

I’MNOSUPERMANLAH: I am not tagging anyone this time ;b

December 26, 2008

My name is Rudolph

Location, K Bar… Parkcity Commercial, Bintulu.

It was a rainy night, but the atmosphere was electric. The music was awesome and the crowd were enjoying themselves. Suddenly a lost Caribou entered the scene, and for a while the crowd kayoed.

“Like your horn dude!!!”

“Hi my name is Rudolph. You can call me Hidney though.”

Like the intro? Na’ah… I’m no showstopper. But of course they love my appendage, err I mean the horn. LOL…

I was celebrating my Xmas eve the other day, joined by the mother of all momok and her other devotees. We were having the time of our life (literally) at the bar, especially on the pole, before parting to our cave in Parkcity’s Wave. Too bad the lulu of all momok; Abby was not around. I bet she’ll bring the whole place down, off course with the supreme consent by the mother of all momok.

I’MNOSUPERMANLAH: I’m looking forward for the next big one.

December 25, 2008

Ku lukiskan muka ku sendiri demi pakcik chimera

1. Lukis jer la kartun ker muka sendiri ker kat kertas apa2 je… mesti lukis sendiri jgn suh org lain buat
2. Snap/scan lukisan tu
3. Pastu upload kat blog korang ya
4. Pastu tag 4 mangsa

LOL I told you i-chimera… I am not good with drawing. I should tag cD ucuk, Shekinah, Abby and Teddy. Jawab jangan tak jawab.

I’MNOSUPERMANLAH: The thing that you draw sometime reflect you as a person. Setuju? I think so… Babe, you can kinky-nise your drawing. The kinkier the better hahaha...

December 23, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

I am so happy. Why am I so happy lah? Cos I have a cool xmas present this year. Jeng jeng jeng…

I guess there is no more excuse for me to skip my gym.

I’MNOSUPERMANwhojustgothisfirstxmaspresentLAH: Thank you baby…

My 2008 song

I don’t have a long list on what songs that will remind me of 2008. But these are the songs that really stirred my music through some significant events that was happening throughout the year, some of which are a clear reminder of what I will miss in a hopefully brighter 2009. Bah... here goes. Jangan nangis ah!

No worries by Simon Webb
So… is this how it goes?

Think you’ve come this far with nothing to show,
That ain’t so,
No! You don’t see where you are,
And if you don’t look back you’ll never know,
Cos you think that you’ve been living,
Just treading water,

And waiting in the wings for the show to begin,
But I always see you searching,
As you try that bit harder,
Getting closer, oh yeah, to the life you’re imagining…

Old fashioned letters by Jason Reeves
Days like this I feel the distance,

I wanna run but I resist it,
With cold reminders all around me,
Of what I left behind,
But it's not right with me to have to hear your voice,
Reaching through the wire,
And it's not fair to be 3000 miles away...

How to save a life by The Fray
Where did I go wrong?
I lost a friend,

Somewhere along in the bitterness,
And I would have stayed up with you all night,
Had I known how to save a life,A
s he begins to raise his voice,
You lower yours and grant him one last choice,
Drive until you lose the road,
Or break with the ones you've followed,
He will do one of two things,
He will admit to everything,
Or he'll say he's just not the same,
And you'll begin to wonder why you came…

Gemuruh by Faizal Tahir
Bila bertalu rentak dikalbu,

Hasrat yang tersirat semakin kuburu,
Bila bergema laungan gempita,
Harapan bernyala nadiku berganda,
Gemuruh jiwa semangat membara,
Dari puncak ingin ke angkasa,
Berkalungkan bintang berkelipan,
Menyerlah jauh dari yang biasa…

I'MNOSUPERMANLAH: I'm signing off, but I'm not gone...

December 17, 2008

These showery days...

Hujan menitik turun,
Sesekali kilat menyabung menerangi subuh,
Sejuk sekali...
6 pagi...
Tiada yang akan mencariku,
Jika aku tiada hari ini,
Selimut ku tarik,
I'MNOSUPERMANLAH: Jom ponteng kerja...

December 16, 2008

Congratulation Farah!!!

This is to congratulate my dear Farah as she has been accepted to join some nursing school somewhere in Selangor recently. You've dreamt of this and now is the chance for you to shine. Congratulation girl! Very soon, you’ll be a nurse… and I love nurse hehehe…

I’MNOSUPERMANLAH: The capital for China is Beijing my dear. Not Chiangmai. You should remember that for the rest of your life…

December 15, 2008

Be creative with your air freshener people!

I was wandering around (without no apparent reason) in Tanjung Batu, Bintulu the other day when I came across this. Now that is what I call CREATIVE!

I'MNOSUPERMANLAH: Who can top that?

A story of a consultant

This is a story of a plantation-based company owner, a Human Recourse Officer and three managers. The company owner was looking for a suitable candidate for his new soon-to-open branch in Kalimantan.

“The one on the left cost RM4599.99,” said the officer.

“That much?” asked the company owner,

“He is good in land opening and new planting operation,” answered the officer. The company owner then pointed at the second manager.

“Oh… He is good. He will cost you RM6999.99,” said the officer. “He is very good in land opening, new planting, oil palm nursery and new estate management as a whole.”

“Grand! How about the last one?” asked the company owner.

"He will cost you RM11999.99," said the officer.

"What can he do?"

To which the officer replied, “To be honest, I’ve never seen him do a single thing, but he calls himself a CONSULTANT.”

I'MNOSUPERMANLAH: I need to say no more...

December 14, 2008

The night of LUNACY LUNACY

She's one feisty lady and her name is Aby,
She can be very thundery, but that can be very dinky...

At times I tend to query, as she can be very naughty,
But why all the anxiety? We just want to party...

I wrote up this entry, I posted this story,
I know the results may vary, but I hope Jane feel sorry...

I'MNOSUPERMANLAH: I couldn't agree more with Jane. That place is Aby's turf ;)

December 13, 2008

Of floor cleaning solution and wrinkle-free baju. The hampeh story!

I always ironed my baju and seluar whenever I go out. There’s nothing worst than wrinkled attire I tell you. I live and work in jungle. Now do I have to look like I come from jungle too? NO WAY!!!

Pada suatu hari, nak dibuatkan cerita la kan… aku tengah iron baju favourite aku ni. Baju ni pulak jenis yang kental sikit. So aku kena la sembur sikit air.

Picit… picit… iron… iron…

“Eh?” I said. “Smell so good lah. Good softener kot?”

Makin lama aku iron, makin kuat pulak scent tu. Lama juga aku cuba recall balik sebab bauan tu macam familiar sangat-sangat. Tak puas hati ni… I opened the bottle and I saw a green solution inside.

“Sial!!! Siapa yang bubuh cecair pencuci lantai dalam botol ni!!!”

Hampeh kan…


December 12, 2008

The night of LUNACY

It was crazy, it was tomfoolery and it was momok's night-out. Still I can't get over it and I am so looking forward for the next big one; 25th December 2008!!!

I'MNOSUPERMANbuti'mmomok.jr.LAH: You better watch out. You better not cry. Better not pout. I'm telling you why. Lydia is coming to town... Haha good one eih?

December 11, 2008

Cheese 'r us

Everyone loves cheese. And if you don’t, well you're in the wrong species luv. Be a duck.

I am no cook like Valerie, but last night I made a cheese cake. Cool eih? Well it was my first attempt and surprise surprise surprise…. the cake is edible. Here’s how you can make it.

Before I start, lemme tell you this. This is not a cooking-dedicated blog so spare me the measurement info. I just do what I’ve told.

Mula-mula blend in some cheese with some condense milk until it became something like that in the picture. If you have an electric mixer, then good for you. But if you dont... then you just have to use some muscle power, like me unfortuntely.

Then in a large bowl, soak a packet of salted cheese biscuits into full cream milk. Well this is not a good recipe for those who are health conscious aren’t it? Then they shouldn’t be reading further.

Carry on now…

Laid the soaked biscuits into a baking tray and on top of it, spread a layer of the blended cheese-milk mixture which you have made previously. Repeat till the tray is full. The good thing about this cake is, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BAKE IT! So no oven is required. Just put it is a freezer and you can enjoy it after a couple of hours. Senang kan?

I'MNOSUPERMANwhocanmakecheesecakeLAH: What's next? Choc cake perhaps...

December 9, 2008

Sexy? Am I?

1. Snap OR post 3 pictures of yourself, that you think is sexy.
2. It doesn't have to be revealing or showing lots of skin...
3. Explain why you think each picture is sexy...
4. Tag 5 more friends!
5. Happy Sexy-ing!!!

Lemme tell you the stories behind these self-proclaimed titillating pictures... puke.

These pictures were taken when I was in a desperate need for a GOOD photo for my Myspace. Yes people... I do have Myspace! Everyone were having a very good profile pictures in Myspace and I got intimidated by that. And so I called Joey; my photographer buddy. I am not a poster material so it was rather an awkward and clunky mo for me. I tried to look like Brad Pit but ended to look like Bugs Bunny on crack!!!

Even sinchan look better than me.

I am tagging Khairel, Cd, Mama Ivan, i-Chimera and Danial.

I'MNOsexySUPERMANLAH: Where are you now Joey? I miss you lah buddy...

December 4, 2008

My collection of stuff

So, why do we collect stuff? Maybe it's our passion or maybe it's nostalgic. Well I've been tagged and were asked to write about stuff that I've been collecting over the years. So here goes...

I collect plane models
I use to dream of becoming an aviator but I'm no sky material. I'll freaked out during turbulence. Get my point?

I collect watches
I love watches. I adore them, I worship them but I don't eat them. You see... I think people who cares about their time is sexy and that turns me on. Awwwww!

I collect picture frames
I love photography and taking pictures. I'll framed all my favourite shots so that I can see them whenever I want. And so I need A LOT of picture frames, hence the collection lah!

I collect books
Reading? Books? Hell yeah! Nothing is more satisfying than to read your favourite book NAKED on your balcony with a cup of green tea on a Sunday afternoon. Naked is optional though... when there's no one around...

Jeng jeng jeng... I wish to tag Cd Ucuk, Teddy, Captain Hooked, Danial, Kash and Ean.

I'MNOSUPERMANLAH: I use to have a pen pal from Ghana and her name was Chynthia Amoah. She was an avid stamp collector and we use to exchange stamps from all over the world. Of course I just sent her stamps from Malaysia and Brunei cos I don't travel much. Hmm... I miss her lah!

December 2, 2008

"I lost my Q, I need to find some glue." The Miri and Brunei Saga.

It was a very beautiful wedding dinner last 29th November and I couldn’t ask for more. Congrats to Mr. Petrus and his newly wed wife Mdm. Jatai. Semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu lah hendaknya. Sam… you’re next!

Pada malam itu, aku telah diperkenalkan dengan Mike, Kenny and Fahmi. Welcome aboard my new friends. Just sit back, relax and enjoy this ride of joy and craziness. Seat belts are optional…

Seperti yang telah dirancang, kami pergi ke Brunei pada keesokan harinya. Just like my previous Brunei trips, problems started to kick in as soon as the trip begun. Drama drama drama! Mana dengan masalah tukaran wang lagi, masalah hilang huruf 'Q' on my plate number, masalah imigresen, polisi minyak Brunei dan adegan sesat semua.

"This is my final visit!" Rungut Sam.

"I am very frustrated!" Ujur Naomi... err Mike.

Nonetheless… the trip was great. Down of Brunei? Na’ah… Brunei is just too adorable to say no to.

I'MNOSUPERMANLAH: I just love Brunei...
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